Trump says he’ll sign executive order for free speech on college campuses


And the left doesn’t care that all of the corporate taxes…local, state and federal…come out of consumer’s pockets. The left fools the voters (useful idiots) into thinking they are punishing those mean spirited, greedy corporations by taxing them.

The very fact that corporations use money collected from consumers to pay their taxes upholds my posit that CORPORATIONS DO NOT PAY TAXES.

The Democrat “We promise to raise taxes on corporations” scam is exactly that…a scam.


I find it unbelievable that Americans are so gullible to think Business actually pays a dime. But this is what the left pounds into their time minds, fair share, a little bit more, tax the wealthy, tax corporations. etc. etc. etc.


There are too many taxes period, paying for things that were never delegated to the Federal government to have their nose in in the first place. Instead of worrying about who’s paying their fair share, the public should be asking why we need so much of our money taxed instead.


Do we really still need to fund Radio Free Europe???

The list of stupid spending is endless.


Exactly. And a majority of it has no justification to be found anywhere in the Constitution. No, I’m not counting the bullshit 16th Amendment which was never properly ratified either.