Trump says he’ll sign executive order for free speech on college campuses


An excuse? Interesting…

As a part of this EO… should the federal or state government provide the resources necessary to ensure a peaceful gathering? Who is going to help jail violent students? What if the students aren’t violent, but they just drown out the speaker with the school fight song? Should they be removed?


I have said about 4 times in this thread that I agree completely with the notion that students should be exposed to a wide range of ideas, including political ones.

I am challenging just how this would work, and the notion that literally ANYONE should be allowed to speak on a college campus.


Of course government should keep the peace, that is one of their primary functions. And yes, drowning out the speaker should result in your being removed from the venue. Why is any of this so hard for you to understand?


And yet no proof of it… interesting.

By proof I mean the university denying conservatives the right to speak simple because they are conservative.

Or provide stats that show the total number of proposed/potential (meaning the student body set everything up for a conservative to speak) conservative speakers vs the total that actually got to speak.

You may not find overt infringement (denied to speak because of being conservative) however should someone be able to provide stats that show that conservative speakers, more often than not, get their speeches cancelled?


That the government should allow ANYONE to speak, is one of the founding principles of this nation. Did you sleep through civics 101?


Because if I spend $50,000 on my childs education, and all he has to choose from in the way of outside presentations are things like “I like to make clocks out of driftwood!” and “Come here me make a poem out of audience suggestions!” or “I’ll tell you why the holocaust wasn’t real” instead of things that matter…I’ll be pretty pissed.

And that’s what this ‘everyone who signs up has to be allowed to speak’ attitude gets you.


A university isn’t the government.


You don’t curtail speech because other people will get or threaten to get violent, you punish those who get or threaten to get violent, because they are the ones breaking the law. Seriously amazed anyone can be this obtuse.


Also, even the government isn’t obligated to provide a forum for everyone who wants to speak.

And neither should a university.


It’s not hard, just trying to find out the logistics of this.

If this EO provides additional funding for security during university speeches… then I think that would be a good start.

It still doesn’t change the fact that it is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Even in Trumps CPAC speech he brought out the guy who was punched in the face by a liberal protester. Which is horrible. However he went on to talk about this EO. This EO would not have prevented that guy from being punched. It’s a confusing message.


But once they do provide such a forum they may not discriminate based on the content of that speech. They are of course free not to offer any student group a venue to have speakers.


Can you imagine the outcry when Howard University is obligated to host a clan rally?


I think this reply was to the wrong post. What you replied to had nothing to do with managing potential violence of speeches.


Right - this is the heart of our disagreement.

I say they are in fact OBLIGATED to curate presentations to some degree. Because to not would be negligent.

You say it’s first come first serve. Enjoy your lectures on ‘Interesting Cat Videos I found on the Internet’ and ‘I Am an Expert Doodler’ lectures.


For a corporation to break even (zero profit), it must pass the total cost of doing business (including any and all taxes) on to the consumers.


Taxing a corporation does nothing more than tax the consumers that buy goods and services from them.

What about this is so hard to fathom?


That is incorrect in regards to income tax.

Income tax is a bottom line calculation, after all costs of doing business. Market pressures in most industries won’t allow wholesale price hikes to cover the possibility of income tax liability.

Other taxes, like excise tax, or payroll taxes, that occur above teh bottom line do in fact get rolled into the cost of doing business and therefore are in fact passed on to the consumer because they represent a part of the cost of production, and are therefore internal to teh total market forces/pricing equation.


Tough shit. If they are state funded or want federal grants they will have to learn to tolerate free speech.


Only a troll would say this nonsense.


Except we aren’t talking about university classes or lectures, we are talking about student clubs inviting speakers they wish to hear. If the University cat club wants to get together and watch cat videos, that is their prerogative. It’s not a University presentation, it’s a student presentation.


If I’m a troll, then what do you call a person who repeatedly posts claims without facts to back them up?