Trump Responds After Pelosi Temper Tantrum and the "Do Nothing Democrats" Storm Out Of The Cabinet Room

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of having a “meltdown” during a meeting with Congressional Democratic leaders after a contingent of Republicans voted with Democrats in the House to pass a motion condemning the withdrawal from Syria ( 129 Republicans in support, with 60 GOP lawmakers opposed ).

"I think that vote - the size of the vote, more than 2-1 of the Republicans voted to oppose what the president did - probably got to the president. Because he was shaken up by it,” Pelosi said

“And that’s why we couldn’t continue in the meeting because he was just not relating to the reality of it.”

She later said Trump had a "meltdown."

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Trump called Pelosi “a third-rate politician” and hurled other insults in a “nasty diatribe.” But, Pelosi later clarified that Trump called her a “third grade politician” in the meeting. Not a “third rate politician” as Schumer said - which makes zero sense.

Of course, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had a different view of things, saying that Pelosi stormed out of the meeting, and tried to make it unproductive… “Unfortunately the speaker tries to make everything political.”

All of this echoes the May meeting between Pelosi, Schumer and Trump in the Oval Office, where Dems similarly stormed out of a meeting about infrastructure after Trump said he wouldn’t work with them unless they dropped all of the investigations against him.

We look forward to Trump’s version of things.

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There’s nothing much uglier than a nagging woman, wagging her finger like a barren school marm.

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This is hilarious! Piglousey is trying to pivot into the moral high ground, but she gave that away by pursuing the impeachment nonsense! Great fodder!

Meanwhile Trump is a master Troll! :rofl:

Schumer clowns himself and doesn’t even grasp it. This will be memeable forever. Trump called Pelosi a “third rate politician” and said regarding Syria, “there are communists involved and you guys might like that.”

This is all too funny and these asshat clowns create this! And people wonder why no one respects them?

Is anyone surprised by yet more theatrics from Pelosi after a month of theatrical faux impeachment proceedings? The do-nothing Dims will be punished by the voters come election day.

They are claiming that Trump had the meltdown. Trump doesn’t EVER have a meltdown. He just tells asswipes the truth and watches them crumple. Geez, her adrenochrome withdrawals are making her face cave in.

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I give President Trump credit for just being in the same room as those freaks. That’s what they are. Freaks.

Freaks leading a bunch of commie and socialist freaks that want to destroy America. I’m not sure what they even want power if their only goal is to destroy America and then what? Rule over a bunch of third world people that hate everything about America?

These freaks are investigating every part of President Trumps life and want him, his family and everyone around him destroyed. Every single day without fail they are publishing lies about President Trump. It’s impossible to be civil with these far left freaks. They want him gone and they are right across the table from him. If someone was trying to destroy me and put me in prison for life it would be hard for me to sit right across from them. These are evil people. There’s no way other to put it.


They are straight clowns. Congress can vote to go to war. They need to do that instead of this BS. We all know that won’t happen though. Instead, we get more projection from the Communists. They are pussies. But treat this whole situation as if they DID vote to go to war and the President went against their will. That never happened and Trump has every right to bring the troops home.



Next to bricks! Brilliant!

Two vaginas and a witch walk into the White House…

None with balls…one Botox addict and two eunuchs

The witch walked out with two pussies in hand….LMAO……lol

So do I have this timeline correct for Trump’s very bad day?
Just one of these five things would be a massive body blow to any politician.

  1. House votes overwhelmingly to condemn Trump’s withdrawal from Northern Syria
  2. Trump holds a reprehensible “surprise” ambush of the Dunn family at the White House, perhaps to create what he thought would be a swell media moment that would distract from the chaos.
  3. The tax article on ProPublica is released, indicating potential fraud
  4. Trump’s psycho Oct. 9 letter to Ergodan is leaked online (And you know dang well KAC and other WH staff wanted to edit that thing, but it is absolutely clearly Trump’s anger writing style)
  5. Trump meets with the House leadership and has his meltdown
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What in the fuck are you talking about? Nancy turned tail and ran like a spanked kid.


Typical sufferer from TDS. Never adds anything objective to the conversation! Don’t be surprised if “it” doesn’t respond to you, post and run is “it’s” MO!


Yeah, that’s pretty much how his day went…

Heaven forbid the left support the president on any thing.

Congress has yet to vote to allow troops in Syria. Obama put them there using the 9/11 vote which is a stretch at best.

When he removes the troops they whine like babies as they still have not done their job.

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Yeah! You can’t make this stuff up! Their hypocrisy and double standards on display here on a daily basis only further erodes their own credibility, of what ever credibility they claim to have on any issue they opine about. How can one claim to be a harbinger of truth when they are complicit in selling the lies?

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It really isn’t surprising that Pelosi stormed out as it’s all about the optics for the media.

Well she did it before right? So it goes without saying that old habits die hard!

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I think we know who are the people that are having a meltdown. It’s the same people trying to impeach a president with no evidence. It’s the same group of assclowns that refuse to let the American people see what is going on in those secretive hearings where only select portions of testimony are leaked by Democrats to their dogs called the left-wing media.

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As long as the Democrats are trying to impeach him without a vote, I don’t see why he should have any meetings with them.

Well that’s not true. Here’s an educational timeline for you.