Trump Responds After Pelosi Temper Tantrum and the "Do Nothing Democrats" Storm Out Of The Cabinet Room

Lol, that’s ridiculous. They aren’t trying to impeach him. They are conducting an inquiry. Depending on that, they’ll hold a vote to impeach.

Yeah nice try Monty Crusty the Clown! You can fool your fellow brown shirts of hive mentality thinkers, but trying to pass off this BS certainly reinforces your already stagnant clown show with the same shit posting! There is already mounting evidence that is implicating the democrats of having orchestrated this as being a hoax! To not know this you are either being purposely obtuse or you are simply poorly misinformed. On the latter I find hard to believe due the concerted effort you put forth here to try to spin and misinform people with complete blatant disregard for the truth.

Trumps tweet

Just look at the scowl on these faces! ‘‘This pic is worth a thousand words!


This isn’t about a legal action but a political action by the democrats and progressives to over throw this government.

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A bullet can achieve what votes can’t.
This woman is a satanist and as dangerous as or even more dangerous than Killery

What are you suggesting Didge…:man_shrugging:

There have been several assassination attempts on Trump’s life.

No there has not…

I have no proof, neither do you.

But the fact remains that Presidents have been murdered and shot at in the US.

Odd how the Liberal Dems don’t want U.S. troops anywhere, but cry like babies when President Trump pulla the troops out if harms way.

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Who does this woman think she is anyway, granted unfortunately she is 3rd is succession to the Presidency but that is 3RD Nancy and you should know your place and show some respect. What a witch, with a capitol B!!

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None of which has anything to do with your unsupportable claim that there have been attempts on Trump… :man_shrugging:

Well that simply isn’t true. There’s plenty of hawks in the party. And one of the reasons they hate Tulsi Gabbard is her anti war stance. Did you see Mayor Pete go after her on the subject?

Speaker of the house. :man_shrugging:

They walked out on the impetuous temper tantrum prone pos fake president.

Of course that is the fantasy you love to propagate that is substantiated by nothing! Surprise surprise, the clown show makes its rounds yet again!

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Lol, poor dear leader red hat was rebuked by his own party…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not according to the Electoral College & 63 million voters, if you’ve got a problem with it take it up with the Constitution.

Oh yeah those Dem hawks always starting or voting for wars they don’t intend to win! They politicize everything including the well being of our troops they send to battle. Talk about POS’s! :face_vomiting::angry:

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