Trump Puts H1-B Holders and Foreign Workers Ahead of Americans

I’ve never seen a conservative confront Donald Trump to his face on the fact that he has completely backed off of his America First program like this. Laura Ingraham’s latest interview with the president was hard-biting – she did not play nice with Trump at all.

At one point she says, “I thought we were getting America First” and then you can actually see Trump visibly panic before recovering and trotting out the talking points about how the corporations need more workers because of the “booming” economy.

The conservative base is rebelling against Trump’s inability to deliver on any of his key campaign promises.


We now have laws banning certain forms of speech, the Constitution rapidly being rendered a dead letter, people physically attacked, financially ruined and thrown in jail for being “racist”, continued floods of highly undesirable immigrants, no wall, and even the murder of foreign leaders through treachery and deceit.

America has been put last under this President faster than anyone imagined. Hey, at least the stock market is booming for people who have enough money to be in the stock market.


That’s because up until this point they have been gently nudging him to stick with it. Now that he has no plans on doing that he is going to get taken to task by those who have been defending him publicly. Quid pro quo does exist in this world in all things. Trump was expected to deliver an America First platform in exchange for our votes and support. He has bailed on that and so he should be made to answer for it.

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We want to encourage talented and highly skilled people to pursue career options in the U.S. Nothing wrong with wanting the best of the best contributing to our country. But as far as immigrants go, it’s a miniscule population, compared to the staggering uneducated & ignorant who are flooding our country & living off taxpayer money; while legal hard working American citizens struggle.

We already have those people. They are called Americans and they are a product of the finest technical universities in the world. The only reason corporations push for H1B holders is to save money on compensation. This is dangerous because it lowers wages for Americans as well. Ingraham addresses the lack of wage growth in the brief segment above.


We “do” have those people. What I said"

as far as immigrants go, it’s a miniscule population".

That is a very sobering point you make because it’s the truth. I am a Trump supporter, but he doesn’t get a blind pass from me on this one! If there was a shortage in the labor force to meet the demands for the high skills jobs that is one thing but high earning wages has seen slow growth while the lower wages has steadily increased. The numbers don’t lie as they tell another story and the criticism is warranted.

You are right, he does have to answer for this because America First should be just that, and awarding these Visas to foreigners to pass over Americans is a contradiction that is betraying his base who elected him on a specific mandate. So far it’s mixed results.

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I worked for a large and very well-known company that killed our internship pipeline in exchange for focusing solely on H1B recruitment. The executive leadership team were looking at ways to reduce long range expenses and determined that the best way to do that would be to hire foreigners from poor countries who would be willing to work for half the compensation as their American counterparts. The corporate target was 90% of new hires had to be H1B. The remaining 10% of hires were carved out as a mix between diversity hiring and poaching mid-level positions from other companies. Hiring young Americans straight out of school was not part of the corporate strategy. During the 5-year time frame that this took place while I was there, executive pay increased between 250% and 500% depending upon position.

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Trump needs to feel uncomfortable on this issue. There is no reason why he couldn’t have directed USCIS to process the smallest number of H1-B visas ever. Instead he’s looking to expand their usage. Absolute policy position reversal and Trump’s excuse of the booming economy doesn’t justify employing foreigners over Americans.

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You are spot on with this perspective and thanks for sharing your insights and your experience to illuminate what has been a consistent trend in corporate America for quite some time, all thanks to the consequences of Globalism.

A friend shared this with me as his own experience on the H1B visa issue:

“Speaking from inside the industry, this take is a severe disservice to Americans.

The H-1B program has brought in a huge contingent of Brahmin-caste Indians who are quite openly bigoted against anyone non-Brahmin. They view other classes of indians as untouchables and are openly racist against non-indians.

The moment they reach a critical mass in management, non-indians are simply not hired.

Worse, these off-shored and H-1B workers are utterly incompetent.

I remember spending a full day fixing a simple ssl error an entire team of these “best and brightest” spent a month scratching their heads over.

See: the 737 max

Trump not taking this head on is a horrible betrayal of the tech-savvy memelords who owned the social media narrative for him starting in 2015, and a failure to stop these cheap labor hordes coming in will eventually cause US tech to collapse from mismanagement, leaving us at the mercy of hostile chinese and russian firms.

It seems as a US-born tech worker I am once again politically homeless.”

We cannot get rid of illegals, w can’t get rid of ASSylum seekers, at least the H1B visa holders contribute to our society.

At the expense of American workers. You can thank H1Bs for largely contributing to the two income requirement in this country thanks to their ability to absolutely destroy wages.

Interesting we have between 20-40 million illegals in the US, millions of ASSsylum seekers and millions string as family tagalongs in the US and less than a million H1B visa workers in the US are causing dual income families and causing stagnant wages. I suspect you’re a bit uninformed.

IMO, we should not be filling any positions in this country unless demand exceeds supply. Then, and only then AND it should be supplemental.

I don’t want wages destroyed by H1Bs anymore than I do what illegals cause in suppression of wages.

We do need to keep putting Americans first. It is really important that someone going through secondary education, be it college or trade, know they have the first shot (and security based on performance) in the job market.

We the people of the USA have the brainpower and ability for these jobs. We would have the degrees if preferential college acceptances did not lean to foreigners. Forget Ivy League - they are brainwashed liberals, and barely know anything about real life work or applications. Ever hear of ‘bring a person up by the bootstraps’? Start doing it. Reduce the number of Student Visas, and let our people have a chance.

More broken promises by Trump:

2017 – “The H-1B program is neither high-skilled nor immigration: these are temporary foreign workers, imported from abroad, for the explicit purpose of substituting for American workers at lower pay,” presidential candidate Donald Trump said in a statement last spring (2016). “I will end forever the H-1B as a cheap labor program, and institute an absolute requirement to hire American workers first for every visa and immigration program.”

I disagree. DaFuq is just expressing a valid concern about the H1-B program that has been highly abused. Whether Trump’s reasoning in regards to supply and demand talking point is legitimate is another matter, but the point is there are some really high paying, very specialized H1B jobs to which those are the jobs the program was designed for and typically those are highly paid jobs. The program has been abused by tech companies to depress wages by filling jobs with visa holders instead of Americans.

It also depends on agreements with their home country with regard to taxes etc., but in many areas multiple H1B visa holders all live together in one house where a lot of them just squelch on their debt when they leave the US, when they don’t plan on returning.

Corporations still pay them less than an American would make for the same job. Notice that the Left never mentions the H1B “pay gap”. In addition the Visa Holder must remain in the same job under whatever conditions for at least 2 years. This undrecuts the educational effort and expense that American’s had to endure for the same job. The H1B program has been abused by big tech for decades.

The issue of the whole family living together under one roof is the big secret to the H1B Visa scam…the worker comes from a foreign country and agrees to take a job that pays 100K when an American with the same degree/experience would expect 150K or more. So, the company saves at least 50K per worker x 1000 workers as an example so they are happy AND the foreign worker will not make any demands, such as a 401K, paid vacation, reasonable working conditions, etc because they don’t want to be sent back home.

But the catch is that the worker then petitions to have their spouse and kids come over as well…and THEN both sets of parents!! Once that happens, each one of them is eligible for SSI and Medicare, even though they never worked a day in their life in the US. Each one of them getting SSI in the neighborhood of $1000-1500 which is a very nice little nest egg in order to be able to afford a large house in a nice neighborhood not to mention there is built in daycare for the kids so if the company pulls strings and gets a work permit for the mom she can get a job as well. So it is not just cut and dry about employing Foreigners to fill a high level position, it is more about the other things associated with hiring a foreigner that is not only taking away opportunities that should be offered to Americans first but the rampant abuses of H1-B program that is also costing the American tax payer of the other services offered by Government that they never paid into. IMO, H1-B needs to be reformed to insure that it addresses the abuses by both the big corporations at the expense of the tax payer, and the foreigners chain migration issue that takes advantage of the social services programs intended for US citiizens.

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This bogus tech worker issue is great because it can easily be spun to appeal to the left. Hell, I’ve heard NPR yapping about how foreign tech workers are paid less and are essentially indentured servants at the mercy of their employer.

Only the dense economic-only conservatives laud this idiotic idea that theoretically lower prices are worth unemployed Americans and curry-smelling sandal wearers either clogging common areas or driving their dented Camry at glacial speeds.

Three years ago there was a proposal to raise the minimum salary for H-1B visa holders from $60,000 to $130,000 a year. Do that with no exceptions and the problem goes away; no one will hire foreign labor at that rate unless there really aren’t any Americans qualified to do the work.

If it’s put up for a vote, you’ll hear the usual Republican arguments against the minimum wage, but coming from the mouths of Democrats. Politics is always who/whom.

This makes me sick. Trump says we do not have enough Americans for the STEM jobs, therefore we need forever streetshitters?

Apparently he has never taken a glance at LinkedIn and other sites, where there are tens of thousands of talented Americans with STEM educations and experience looking for a decent paying and rewarding career gig.

Sorry fam, I didn’t vote for this. None of us did!

Why not just cut the bullshit and openly say that America, the GOP and their corporate sponsors absolutely require streetshitters over superior American talent so the executives can continue pulling seven and eight figure salaries because muh profits???