Trump orders strike on Iran, then pulls back

Looks like Bolton almost got his wish, maybe next time.

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Trump says he was told 150 people would die in the attacks and didn’t want to escalate things calling off the attack with ten minutes to spare, believing our response should be proportionate, Iranians having not killed any Americans.

WOW !!! Monty sounds totally confused AGAIN . :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

He has to deal with domestic Zionists.
Last time he launched “blank” missiles into Syria.


Do you think this is fake news???


Deep state news, bad advice.

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I think that this signals to Iran that Trump is willing to negotiate. My hope is that they take him up on the offer. I don’t know that I would vote for Trump again but I really hope that my mind gets changed between now and the 2020 election.

Tucker isn’t buying it from a Bolton associate.

This was indeed a great turnout (for now at least) but the “crisis” has been created by Trump pulling out of the agreement that Iran was in compliance with. Even Trump certified Iranian compliance twice. For their part, their happy to engage in negotiations with Trump if he reinstates US participation in JCPOA as a starter.

Good for Tucker for getting this right… :+1:

Lol, even Trump isn’t claiming that…:man_shrugging:

Trump certainly was not playing any type of strategy game.

Thank goodness he was convinced to call off the strikes.

I know a lot of his supporters were disappointed as for some reason they want us involved in an eternal war with anyone.

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“The attack was called off because secrecy was lost and Iran was waiting to score more than just a drone. And they would have, with ease.”
Jim Stone

Never heard of Jim Stone before so I googled him. He is going to be one of the last people I am going go consider reputable. He needs to be more focused on paying his back child support than spouting shit.

Max Igan on America’s false flags

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This would have been a strike from a safe distance. Not likely that Iran would have scored anything.

Strange that his critics are applauding and his supporters are sulking…

So , some believes that Trump should have ordered the bombing killing those folks when the Iranians shot down an unmanned drone?


Im for showing of force but killing innocents isnt one of them, I get it if innocent Americans lives are lost , I say bomb them, but since not one American lives was lost why take innocent lives

Or maybe bomb something to show them we mean business, Sanctions can only do so much, Trump should have picked a target to show the Iranians and our enemies that there is a line in the sand and if you cross it this is what could happen

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