Trump lovers versus Trump haters

I am wondering just how many people view Donald Trump in a nuanced way–just as every president prior to him had been viewed.

It seems that the Trump Haters are infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome; nothing that he does is pleasing to them.

On the Other hand, the Trump Lovers seem…well, almost like a cult: Everything that he does is the very embodiment of perfection, as he is some sort of secular messiah.

I am wondering if we could just get back to a more normal, nuanced view of the man.

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What do you hope to accomplish?

It’s an entire web of definitions. For example, if you have TDS, anyone who doesn’t hate the guy with the same venom as you have is labeled a Trump lover. They’ll say that your support for border security also means you love his gaffes, his name-calling, his past locker room talk, his past bankruptcies in business, etc.

Likewise, I would submit that some of the apparent TDS out there looks that way to people like me who support a lot of what Trump is doing, but maybe isn’t as extreme as it comes across to someone like me. They’ll certainly assert that it’s not TDS on their part. They’re just critiquing a particular issue. (At least, that’s what they say…)

So the OP doesn’t cover the gamut of love-vs-hate that we could discuss. Some of the definitions depend on the perspective of the observer.

Personally, my view of his presidency differs greatly from my view of him as a man. And it’s my view of his presidency (and any president’s presidency) that matters to me.

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There is no normal in the socialist Democrat, leftist liberal progressive side, they’re all deranged and bat crazy. We are long passed nuance and working together and across the isle, those days are gone. :roll_eyes:

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History tells us…
The Liberals in the Russian Revolution learned that there is no middle of the road. Either they were forced to support the deranged bolsheviks or they were labeled enemies.


Actually none of that is true. I am a Trumpster…but I don’t expect perfection from the guy. I do, however, expect him to follow through on what he rode on during the 2016 Election. And in most cases, he has. It is the Democrats and the left that refuses to work with him. Instead, they rather spew pure hatred on the man, as if he is some Messiah. (Which he isn’t by any stretch of the imagination.)

It’s the absurd Democrats like AOC, Ihan Omar, the MSM and the rest of the Democrat Party that say the most stupidest things rather than focusing on the issues. It’s their platform to dismiss Trump as much as possible. It is their goal to manipulate others into believing that Trump is somehow “evil”.
Sure, you can call me an Obama hater. That was because, he didn’t really care about the average American. That is because, he was only doing what he was told - and that was to follow the “Globalist” agenda. That was because, he thought he could build a legacy the backs of the American people. Some have actually fall for it. They praise him as he is the Messiah. They actually stand by him - no matter what - because he happens to be black. I say, “whoopi-freaking-do!”

There is a huge difference between loving your President base on his accomplishments and policy-makings. At least, Trump is doing something unlike his predecessor. While the MSM kissed Obama’s arse and spit on Trump…it just goes to show you why people truly hate their own country. But hey - to each his own.

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The same could have been said of Obama haters.

It was his critics that applauded his cancellation of a military strike on Iran…

And again, the same thing could have been said of Obama lovers.

Difference is… I had hope that the Obama administration would heal the country. I did not call his supporters during the campaign deplorable. I accepted that he was likely lying about his birthplace ( since his autobiography publisher said he was born in kenya) but said so-what since his mother was a citizen. You people on the other hand…

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Trump has focused a binary that has been forming for a decade or more. The right was disliked by the left under Bush, and despised by the left under Obama. Obama was in word only a healing force. His reflexive disdain for Whites, especially White cops when there was a Black person involved was barely hidden. This encouraged open hostility toward Whites, any authority figures, and especially law enforcement.
I submit that the idolization of both Obama, and Trump exist only in the minds of a few, but the perception of the other side idolizing either is widespread - and heavily used by the media to divide us.
I still believe that people who ‘idolized’ Obama were charmed by his eloquence, and ignored his behavior. Those who support Trump do so out of fear of what the progs want to do with the country. I doubt there are many people who honestly believe Trump is Stephen Hawking minus the wheelchair. His rallies bring tens of thousands because he represents the bollards at the base entrance keeping political suicide ideologues from crashing in and detonating ruinous ideas. Trump ‘[supporters’ are also tired of brow-beatings online, and a news media that (except or Fox or OAN) hammers Trump and/or his supporters endlessly.

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That’s hilarious, a president is only one man (MAN). An entire nation wouldn’t be healed by Obama or Trump…

A black president who did not race bait, who was not out to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA with divisive rhetoric, socialistic policy, a hand around the neck of America’s freedoms, and a disgusting bowing down to other sovereign nations … he could have.

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So what’s your optimistic vision of the future???:man_shrugging:

President Trump for the most part has done good for this country. Tho, I am still puzzled and totally condemn the fact that he has his relatives, namely Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, as advisers with top-secret clearance. I have condemned the same thing with the Clintons, and I want to do the same for Trump, and i have yet to see any positives that came out from this appointments other than political nepotism.

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Totally agree with your sentiment! I am not a big fan of either one of them, especially Kushner who is not without controversy as it relates to his Father. The only positive I can take from it albeit a small one that is highly speculative, is that they are the reason for keeping Trump in check, if you consider his lack of experience at politics and having been known to be a loose Canon. On the other side the two of them with their insane political personalities leaves no doubt they are flaming liberals and are influential in Trumps decisions to date,


Trump is a President who understands “business” and what it takes to let the free market take its course.
Others were life-time politicians, government employees, free-loaders, etc. and had no idea.

Trump needed additional money (in addition to his own) to win the election, but the Kushner family certainly sucks.

Nonetheless, politics is politics. You can’t run a government if you are a saint. Somebody has to do dirty jobs.

Excellent accurate summation of the truth!

I love Trump bc he has been an effective president; however, that doesnt deter me from calling balls and strikes with his moves. Can the “Trump haters” do the same?

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