Trump Introduces Genocidal Kushner Invasion Plan - Expands Legal Immigration to Make Sure Whites are Buried

President Donald Trump gave a sappy, disgusting and offensive speech about how he plans to bury Americans under a mountain of legal immigrants as large as the mountain of illegal immigrants his administration is shoving down our throats.

I guess this answers the question we had a few months ago as to whether Stephen Miller would have any influence. Apparently, he had absolutely zero influence.

Total immigration is not reduced at all - in fact, it appears to be increased in every category. The “merit” claims are NOT set up to bring in people from Europe, but from India.

It is basically the worst of all worlds.

AP :

Unveiling a new immigration plan, President Donald Trump said Thursday he wanted to provide a sharp contrast with Democrats, and he did — aiming to upend decades of family-based immigration policy with a new approach that favors younger, “totally brilliant,” high-skilled workers he says won’t compete for American jobs.

Trump’s sweeping immigration plan is more a campaign document than anything else. It’s a White House attempt to stretch beyond the “build-the-wall” rhetoric that swept the president to office but may not be enough to deliver him a second term. As Trump heads into reelection season, his campaign sees the plan as a way to help him look more reasonable on a signature issue than he often seems — and to cast Democrats as blocking him.

“We want immigrants coming in. We cherish the open door,” Trump said in a Rose Garden speech as Cabinet members and Republican lawmakers filled the front rows.

Trump said his new system, with points given for those with advanced degrees, job offers and other attributes, will make it exactly “clear what standards we ask you to achieve.”

Nowadays, “we discriminate against genius,” he said, using a softer tone than his usual fiery campaign rallies. “We discriminate against brilliance. We won’t anymore once we get this passed.”

This is absolutely saccharine cancer.

It is exactly the immigration plan that currently exists, ostensibly without family reunification. And he will replace family reunification - according to him - with H-1Bs, who he calls “geniuses” because they’ve been offered jobs to replace American workers.


Can you imagine calling an H-1B Paki brought in to replace an American at half the cost a “genius”?

Is this man sick?

Who planned this?

Trump’s new plan has been months in the making, a project of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has been meeting privately with business groups, religious leaders and conservatives to find common ground among Republicans on an issue that has long divided the party.

Kushner has long complained that many advocates on the immigration issue are very clear about what they’re against, but have much more trouble articulating what they’re “for.” Kushner set out to create a proposal that Republicans might be able to rally around, his mission to give the president and his party a clear platform heading into the 2020 elections.

We are against immigration.

We are for stopping immigration.

This is very simple, you evil ■■■ bastard.

Trump didn’t mention his son-in-law’s work during the address but noted that the proposal wasn’t written by politicians. Instead, the president said it had input from law enforcement personnel.
Yeah, he said “this wasn’t written by politicians.”

The honest explanation for who wrote it would be “it was written by my ■■■■■■ son-in-law, who is part of a Zionist conspiracy to wipe out the white race.”

Instead he blamed the cops, inexplicably.

What did the cops say?

“We want more of those Pakis who ask our teenage daughters for bobs and vagene on the internet.”


“Mr. President, our teenage daughters really like showing their boobs and vaginas to Indian men in chat rooms, maybe you could bring in more Indian men? They’re geniuses.” -Law Enforcement to Donald Trump

Oh, but he said he’s going to stop ILLEGAL immigration as part of his plan to flood us with these LEGALimmigrants.

As part of the plan, officials want to shore up ports of entry to ensure all vehicles and people are screened and to create a self-sustaining fund, paid for with increased fees, to modernize ports of entry.

The plan also calls for building border wall in targeted locations and continues to push for an overhaul to the U.S. asylum system, with the goal of processing fewer applications and more quickly removing people who don’t qualify.

In addition, the plan includes a proposal to allow public donations to pay for the president’s long-promised border wall.

Jesus help us.

Mexico isn’t paying for the wall, the government isn’t paying for the wall, but individual citizens can pay Trump to build the wall.

I guess that isn’t the worst thing. It democratizes the pay-to-play corruption system that “our democracy” functions on.

Can we also pay Trump to regulate internet companies that are censoring us? How much would that cost?

The plan does not address what to do about the millions of immigrants already living in the country illegally, including hundreds of thousands of young “Dreamers” brought to the U.S. as children — a top priority for Democrats. Nor does it reduce overall rates of immigration, as Miller and many conservative Republicans would like.
Of course not.

That’s too complicated.


And with there likely being 300,000 new illegal immigrants crossing into America every month , it is getting more complicated by the day.

It’s much, much easier to simply bring in more brown people than to remove the ones that are here.

Under the Trump plan, the country would award the same number of green card as it now does, about 1 million annually. But far more would go to exceptional students, professionals and people with high-level and vocational degrees. Factors such as age, English language ability and employment offers would also be considered.

Far fewer green cards would be given to people with relatives already in the U.S. They would be reserved just for immediate family members — Trump mentioned spouses and children — rather than parents and adult siblings. Fifty-seven percent would be awarded on merit as opposed to the current 12%.

While Trump is seeking to put a softer facade on the top issue from his first campaign, he also is making a direct appeal to his supporters. He says his plan means fewer low-skilled immigrants will compete for low-paying American jobs.

From an accelerationist standpoint, this is actually good.

It is better to have middle class people being pushed out of their jobs than working class people. Although with the number of illegals, it is simply going to be everyone that is getting pushed out of their jobs, save for the technocratic elite.

Apparently, people aren’t feeling the squeeze hard enough yet.


Trump’s solution to infinity immigration is double-infinity immigration, and once people get past this sentimental bullshit speech he gave and see the precise kind of hell Trump is bringing down on our country, they will again get to make a choice.

Maybe Trump is still our guy.

Maybe he realized that there was no way to stop the ■■■■■ so he decided to just go full accelerationist and provoke a race war.

That explanation makes about as much sense as any other at this point.



This is depressing.

All this talk of illegal vs legal immigration is a joke. Consider that Trump’s administration has not been able to reduce the already high number of illegal immigrants so it is up to the next Democrat president to give them amnesty.


You are sadly misinformed.

Our ill educated illegal and refuge population prove your CNN leftist shit totally wrong and nothing but another shit progressive opinion piece pretending to be informative news.

Get an unbiased article and come back to discuss what’s really happening in the US.

The US recently deported a teacher in Colorado however open with open arms the illegal uneducated fake refugees.

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Please try communicating in complete and coherent sentences.

Anyway…you cuckservatives are hysterical. The video above is a full unedited version of Trump’s speech. The audio quality of that video was better than all of the rest. You would know that if you actually watched the video, but you didn’t. There was no CNN commentary. Jackass.

What a joke. You are citing one deportation as a success? Jesus. We have thousands of illegals pouring into this country a day and Trump just open the H1B floodgates. Yet, you cite one single deportation.

Cuckservatives conserve nothing.

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Kushner = Israel.

Israel is pushing this plan onto the United States. So any of you who think ■■■■■■■■ or drudge or the Israelis are pro white or on white people’s side have your answer. They are not our allies in the United States, Europe, or anywhere. Keep this in mind the next time you see some “pro white” article on ■■■■■■■■■ It’s only to further push a divide and conquer strategy so the ■■■■ rats can maintain their stranglehold on this country. The only thing we can do at this point is pray that Iran or Russia turns Israel into a glass parking lot.

And even though I live in US, I do not give a fuck about the outcome of this country. This country was a Free Mason experiment and it was a cancer from the beginning. It will soon just collapse and nobody will want to come here. These companies are blinded by their own profits and ultimately their greed will be their destruction.

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The success you claim was a US educate person who overstayed his education visa while allowing 10’s of millions of uneducated illegals to remain unhindered in the US. An example of our broken immigration system. The rocket scientists crossing the border today will certainly add to the US welfare rolls whereas the teacher contributed to the US educationally as well as paying taxes in the US a benefit to the people of the US. Get it.

What not clear enough for you???
Illegals as well as the FAKE refugees flooding the souther border entering the US have less than a HS education. How does more welfare people help the US???

How do illegals sending billions back to their home countries while on welfare benefit the US???

CNN is nothing but a progressive opinion rag. A mere shadow of the once great news reporting agency.

Trump wants the title of greatest cuckservative since Reagan. So he needs to import as many third worlders as he can so he can and give them all citizenship. He will grant amnesty to the “dreamers” too during the next budget showdown. Screencap this.

You didn’t even read the OP. You saw the CNN logo on a straight recording of Trump’s speech and you just started sperging out. Read the OP.

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“Our plan includes a sweeping modernization of our dysfunctional legal immigration process . . . The system will finally be fair, transparent, and promote equality and opportunity for all.”

Trump is just trying to legalize the illegals that are already here. I know a lot of you, myself included, really thought this guy could be different and that maybe he was a rogue after all who really was going to “drain the (((swamp)))”, deport millions of illegals, and throw Hilary Clinton in jail. Well guess what? Absolutely none of it has happened. Illegal immigration is up, Clinton isn’t in jail, bullshit gun laws are being enacted nationally, and this fucking piece of shit has done nothing but suck ■■■■■■ cock the entire time. He is not literally Hitler 2.0, his family are literal ■■■■■ He is just another Zionist controlled ■■■■■■■ Democracy is useless. My blood is boiling rn.

I’m not understanding this at all. I was good with all the talk of extreme vetting and a strict merit based system. We aren’t getting any of that now. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Whether he realizes that or not that’s what the outcome is going to be. If we can meme Yang to the debate stage then Democrats will be forced to adopt some of his popular positions, like giving out $1000 bucks a month. When they promise that and can’t deliver…that will be enough to put the rabid masses into the streets. Mix in all this third world immigration insanity and shit is gonna pop off.

Trump tweeted this a few hours ago…

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Don’t buy into it. Trump has less than 2 years left. Ask yourself…why didn’t he do this shit during his first two years in office when he had the house? Answer: Trump is full of shit.

at a later date

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If only Trump’s twitter feed were reality.

He’s tweeting stuff like this to encourage his supporters, even though there’s a 99% chance he won’t follow through.

My standards for Trump are pretty low at this point…all he has to do is make progress on the immigration front, stop the beaners and create a strategy for deporting the tens of millions here illegally.

I won’t even bother criticizing him for being a zionist puppet, since all presidents are basically zionist puppets. Trump can’t even meet my lowest standards.

There really is no political path forward for folks like us, at least not in America. Some of you already realized that a long time ago, but I was an optimist up until recently. The continuing stabs to my back have taken their toll.

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I’m so done with Trumpstein.

“America will die without immigration.”


A country dies when its culture, heritage, and social cohesion die. And immigration is the bullet.

But the GOP is holding a gun to our heads LEGALLY so we should just lay down and die. Right?

The entire system is rigged. The two sides of the coin are the same. The only difference: one side wants cheap labor and the other side wants votes. Heads we lose, tails they win. So why keep sitting at the table, flipping the same coin? The only way we win is to flip the table.

No he’s not misinformed he’s flat out making it up as he goes along.

Merit based immigration is the only way to go, we cannot and will not cut off legal immigration completely, to do so would be economic suicide as in 20-30 years there wouldn’t even be enough people working to pay current benefits for SS and MC and we’d have critical shortages in all sorts of professions.

To claim this somehow is written just for PK and Indian immigrants and excludes European immigrants is flat out a lie.

ICE is the sole agency with interior immigration enforcement authority. As of 2016 we only had a total of around 5,000 ICE agents working primarily at the nations sea and airports.

That left around 2,000 agents or so to round up the 20-30 million illegals in the US.

One of Trump’s first proposals put into place was to hire and train enough new personneld to increase the total force to around 15,000.

To hire and train that many agents will take several years.

In reality we eventually need to increase that number to around 100,000 and that will take at least five more years otherwise there simply aren’t enough senior and supervisory agents to form a competent cadre to even train much less manage a force of that size.

There is no other available option for interior enforcement. He can’t simply wave a wand and make them go away.

He could mobilize the National Guard and have them support law enforcement. There…I just solved the manpower shortage.

No he can’t. By law there are clear limits on what the Military including the National Guard may be used for.

They can provide logistical support, they cannot be used for law enforcement absent insurrection, or some other break down of civilian authority and only then by invitation of the state’s governors.

The last time this was done back in the sixties and seventies the results were utterly disastrous.