Trump Introduces Genocidal Kushner Invasion Plan - Expands Legal Immigration to Make Sure Whites are Buried

Ummmm… 6 years cupcake. Better stock up on your free HIV meds now.

In all fairness Trump really blew it by not pushing hard on immigration during his first two years.

He should have done so and outed the republicans that lacked the spine to support his plans.

Maybe you should post that along with the records of his attempts and the judicial actions taken to stop him.

I think that “context” would be best served that way.

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Separate issues. Had he gotten the congress to change the laws the judicial interventions could not have succeeded.

Democrats, democons and of course regressive want to do nothing. It’s why illegals re pouring across the border and Nancy says no deal unless there is pathway to citizenship. Th HOUSE run but the criminal left do nothing as America burns.

Not going to happen.

In any case, the shit you posted from CNN is shit.

Here are the elements of the proposal as described to reporters on Wednesday:

  • Securing the border: Finishing the border wall
  • Protecting American wages: Stemming the flow of low-wage labor
  • Attract and retain the best and brightest immigrants
  • Prioritize nuclear families: It would limit which family members can come to the country to children and spouses
  • Import labor for critical industries
  • Preserve humanitarian values: Keep asylum system, but limit it.
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It would have made zero difference as the democons in the senate would have filibustered it into oblivion as they do everything today.

Up until recently though we could usually pull at least a few votes from the democrat side, particularly those with vulnerable seats.

The biggest problem is that dem’s can usually find at least 2-4 republican defectors in the Senate to go along with them. Snowe, Collins, and McCain were frequent line jumpers.

I have no idea how this is a surprise to anyone, did you not listen to him before he was elected? I never had any thought that he was anything but the lesser of two evils on this issue. If you think this is bad, imagine what Hillary would be doing instead.

If anything he’s backed off quite a bit vs his campaign rhetoric when it comes to being tough on Iran and NK.

Remember one of the dire warnings from the left was that among Trump’s first acts as president he’d have us in a shooting war with both of them and that if he did pull us out of the Iran deal we’d end up in a nuclear war with Iran before Trump left office.