Trump hat? No vape for you! LEAVE THE STORE!


Guy wears a Trump hat into a vape shop…

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but this is real life. All this man did was try to buy something and the clerk freaks out over his hat and shirt.

I think Lucas gets it right in his video too, when he mocks these types for their obvious attempts to virtue signal. They really do see themselves as some sort of white knights.

That poor other customer, he’s just standing there like, I don’t know, either. :man_shrugging:t6:


I can’t stand people who think they’ll get their way if they just scream really loud.


Politics is becoming more and more hostile. I’d just go to another vape shop if I was him. They don’t need his business anyway.


We really do need to analyze this video and others like it to help in the understanding of what to do about this mind control mental illness BUG that has infected many in our population. Yeah you can watch it and laugh, but when done laughing it’s time to investigate, study and attempt to learn what can be done for America and its’ citizenry.


It certainly isn’t an appropriate manner for conducting business. That’s for sure!


After seeing that other customer’s reaction, if I had cash, I think I’d ask him to pick it up for me. :grin:


Young people’s minds are being attacked on so many fronts. I was thinking the other day about how I used to tell my children to mind their teacher before they went off to school. I don’t know if I wouldn’t home-school my kids nowadays… I certainly would be uneasy emphasizing their teacher’s authority. :neutral_face:


Man, that does sound like mind control, dude went from normal to batshit crazy by seeing a trigger.


And they think the right has lost its mind.

The store clerk is the poster child for the hate emanating from the left.


Why would you want to support a business that doesn’t want your business?

While I consider this to be really stupid on the part of the clerk it should be the owner’s right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.


The clerk got fired. :smiley:


At least the owner has his head screwed on straight.


Exactly - money is all green. It doesn’t wear a MAGA hat or a Bernie Sanders t-shirt.


…as the LGBTQ crowd should do when a Christian baker denies them a decorated product.

…but, no! These relentless pricks deliberately target business that they know may be inclined to refuse.

I think that is not the case in this vape shop incident, but I do suspect that the MAGA hat man enjoyed watching this idiot go berserk!

As I understand, the clerk lost his job…just as the idiot that stole a MAGA hat off a boy’s head and threw a drink in his face.

Widespread access to video has made exposing these twerps quite simple.


Had the other customer not been there to constitute an audience, the sale would likely have been concluded quietly.


State of a libs mind is now beyond approachable. Downward spiral of their mental disease will continue without extreme intervention.


No intervention can cure the left of their hatred.

What the left tends to ignore is that the right will treat the next leftist president as this one has been treated.

The right treated Obama with kid gloves and continue to do so today. If Obama were white/republican he would be under investigation for election interference as well as a host of other activities.



He’s not a very good racist


LOL! That guy does everything wrong! :laughing: