Trump hat? No vape for you! LEAVE THE STORE!


unfortunately that would take a time machine. We need to prevent this from happening to ANOTHER GENERATION by NOT giving participation trophies to every kid, not telling kids they can and deserve to be anything they want to be (leaving out the hard work part) and any of the plethora of entitlements and spoilage you can heap onto a generation. NO APPLICABLE KNOWLEDGE is being taught in the Liberal High Schools and Universities, just hate and indignation. The INDOCTRINATION is complete on these Koolaid chuggers. And there’s an incubation in process right now for the next generation.

I wish the grid would go down for 3 months - We’d shed a million of them just from suicides alone.


If that happened folks in the cities would be burning their furniture for heat in 24hrs, eating their pets in five days and each other in 2 weeks.

We’d cut the population of the country by a third in 60-90 days and it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing at all.


OK Next best thing: require all 18 year olds to report to the armed forces for duty for a two year minimum requirement. Like Israel. Men and Women. Best discipline that any young person could get nowadays. Of course I could be wrong about that. I have no idea what discipline is like in the military currently. I’m not close to anyone serving.


The peacetime draft has proven to be a disaster in this country. Mandatory service in a country like Israel works because they are on a essentially a constant war footing.

Our voluntary military not only works, it works better than anything we’ve ever tried. We don’t need the discipline problems that come with a bunch of malcontents that don’t want to be there.



I think it would be great to have a high school required class on etiquette and manners.

Table manners are a big one for me. How to hold a knife and fork properly, etc. Ever see teenagers holding their silverware like it is a shovel? Bent down with their face over their soup bowl slurping?

How about rushing into an elevator before people have the chance to leave the elevator?


Manners for the most part died with the advent of the internet.


Teenagers? I have seen adults eat like that too. It registers as “bizarre” when I see it. But by itself is harmless.

But you can bet that if someone tried teaching it in schools that just like with grammar and math, some lib would call it white man’s racial etiquette, intended to divide the country.


In Northeastern cities, those with racist inclinations are more subtle about it.

They probably won’t, as in this picture, refuse to meet or work with those from a group they don’t like. They’ll sure have something hateful to say when no one of that group is around, though.


“These relentless pricks deliberately target business that they know may be inclined to refuse.”

Where is there indication on Masterpiece Cakes’ website of a Christian theme to the business? There’s the time worn argument that a Kosher or Halal business won’t get given a hard time if they refuse to do a cake for the wedding of Adam and Steve.

Kosher and Halal businesses usually include that in their business name. Is anyone seriously going to any of these merchants looking for everything from certain cuts of beef (forbidden in laws of Kashrut) to pork to same sex wedding cakes?

Back to the vape shop I don’t think anyone intentionally targeted a business he knew would reject him. And the clerk has been fired.

But there are other instances where those seeking a legitimate service are everything from subtly given a hard time to overtly given one, and they didn’t go to that merchant seeking trouble. IMO Either 1). Merchants should be free to openly disclose which customers they don’t want, or 2) Politics and religion need to be kept out of business in favor of Green.


I think I love the narrator of this video, although I don’t understand some terms.

Isn’t “beta” a somewhat feminized man?

“Ginger”? What’s that? I’ve only seen it in reference to orange :cat2: that are usually male.

He’s spot on about white liberals “advocating” when even those they claim to be advocating for aren’t seeing the discrimination.

This tantrum over some poor soul just wanting to be cashed out with his vape is more disturbing evidence of getting old without growing up.


Tell that to the baker .




Mating call.
It is the libs version of the peacock displaying his feathers.


A “ginger” is someone with red hair. :wink:


Don’t quote me out of context. You should have included my entire post rather than a single sentence.

In the Masterpiece Cake saga, the gay couple deliberately chose that shop. They passed up other shops and zeroed in on that one because of its reputation of being a Christian owned shop and unlikely to relish making a fudge packer theme cake.

I wasn’t speaking of the vape shop when I mentioned targeting a business.

Kosher and Halal sellers are not discriminating. They will sell to anybody that wants to buy. A comparative to the Christian bake shop story would be one in which a person goes into a Kosher store and demands to buy something that is not Kosher…or a person goes to a Halal vendor and demands to buy something Kosher.

…just as the fudge packers went into a Christian store and demanded they celebrate something against their beliefs.

Your argument here is quite hollow.




Swap the first “g” in “ginger” with the “n” and you have the source of the slur.


Ninger? …


NinGer. A German ninja?