Trump closing border with Mexico

What? Tequila and inferior made auto parts? Please name what products come from Mexico!

How about all the stuff you buy in the grocery isle?

Yeah so? Its not like we can’t grow it ourselves! I think you are missing the entire point of what DMK is saying! I have no problem paying more for something if it meant getting our immigration problem fixed.

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Man you are really dense! Obviously you can’t recognize a rhetorical question if it hit you over the head!

Im pretty dense like that! :grin:

It is very much so about short term pain. You yourself are lamenting on what shall we do? Who said a year is short term? There are others to trade with until we reach our own level of self sufficiency. Mexico is not the only source in the world.

And, if as you say our economy has become one of technology and not products then it behooves us even more to keep the uneducated and unskilled illegal immigrants from crossing our borders.

Did you even glance at my link?

I don’t see a problem with how we can shift to other trade partners to make up the shortfall while we close our Southern Border.

Following are the most important imports from Mexico.

Vehicles $74 Billion (Passenger cars, Vehicle parts)
Electrical Machinery $63 Billion (Flat screen TVs , Electrical Generators, Monitors)
Machinery $49 Billion.
Crude Oil $14 Billion.
Medical Instruments $12 Billion.
Fresh Vegetables $4.8 Billion (Avocados, Tomatoes)

In the long term overall we will be paying less. That is the major reason people like myself want illegal immigration to stop.

U.S. goods imports from Mexico totaled $314.3 billion in 2017,

Of course! It is also why I want a killer deal with China where no loop holes with them can be exploited. The more we move away from Chinese cheaply made goods the more that we become more reliant on domestically made in America goods, and the better and more diverse our economy will be!

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You make it seem as if this stuff will just happen, but who will create the farms and the factories? Are you going to invest in those costly endeavors? Property here is expensive, not to meantion labor

All which can be done right here in the old US of A.

BTW, I have tomatoes on the vine and an avocado tree I hope produces fruit this year in my yard.

People CAN grow their own vegetables, too. It takes a bit more time and dedication than going to the grocery store though. Vertical gardening is a thing for those with small spaces :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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“Victory Gardens” should start making a come back! I am all for it!

Thats awesome! I harvest my own venison, so i dont buy beef. That doesnt feed the whole country though

And this is where I agree with some of the regulations and controls we have in place. Yes, it is expensive but…

Remember the mess we had with Chinese drywall? Pet foods killing our dogs and cats?

What was the drywall thing?
Nm. Googled it

Oh trust me, I know of all the issues regarding what you are mentioning! Did you know that Fetanyl is also heavily imported by the Chinese by way of Mexico that has also contributed to a lot of overdoses?


Yes, i know about the fentanyl thing. That was a major problem that needed to be stemmed.

Again, though, the addiction to opiates is so high because of the drug companies. Nothing is a simple black and white issue.