Trump closing border with Mexico

Another example of Trump using his bullying tactics, to hurt our economy, in order to try to please his base.
What does everyone think of this?

We are being INVADED and the dems love it ! Close the border and punish Mexico with high tariffs , then stop ALL foreign aid to those Countries allowing this BS to happen . DROP THE HAMMER !!!
Now go back to your pixie dust and unicorns and scream at the sky again !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think closing the gateway to the third world is long over due. We don’t need any more day laborers waiting outside of Home Depot or Peruvian Chicken places that are fronts for drug cartel activities.


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You don’t have to be a fan of Trump to agree the border needs to be closed and illegal immigration has gotten too far out of control.

Illegals don’t just pick Trump supporters to commit crimes against. It isn’t just Trump supporters that have been affected by ER rooms being inundated, our school systems being overloaded and the big sucking noise you hear coming from our treasure to support people who aren’t legally here to begin with.

The United States is not an open border country and was never meant to be. So, closing the border is a step in the right direction.


What about the economic cost of closing the border? We import a ton of stuff from Mexico that we rely on.

What about the economic cost of not closing the border?

I daresay we can import “stuff” from elsewhere or learn to make our own again.


That’s what makes globalism a fool’s errand. Your government allowed American companies to move their manufacturing to the third world which decreased quality but increased cost to the consumer. Let those companies fail. They make sub-par products.

We really have everything here in America to be self sufficient.

It is foolish, IMO, to be dependent on anything because it then leaves you vulnerable.

Trade is great, but it should be done from a position of strength.


You dont understand our economy very well. We are heavily reliant on imports, because, long ago, we stopped producing the actual goods that we need to survive.

Yes, but an entire economy can’t change at the drop of a hat. We are talking about factories, massive farming operations, and entire industries that take months, if not years to build.

If we started producing them again, we’d have more jobs. If we started producing them again, we wouldn’t be heavily reliant on imports.

Our economy, because we are blessed to live in a country where we can produce just about everything we need, can be more independent and less dependent if we choose for it to be so.

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Well then it’s time for the USA to start production again.

This isn’t something very difficult to understand.


Then, the sooner we start the sooner closing the border with Mexico will be a concern of the past. :wink:

No time like the present!



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You’re behaving like America has never done anything difficult. Do you think our interstate highway system got built overnight? How about the Hoover Dam?

America has a long history of doing incredibly difficult and impressive things in a short amount of time. All we need to do is be willing to tolerate a little bit of short-term pain for immense long-term gain.


How will we deal with a closed border with Mexico next week, when it would takes us years to develop the internal means of producing the stuff that we import from them?

This is classic Trump, Art of the deal bs, calling people’s bluff. He knows its not a good policy, but he doesn’t care, because he’s counting on others to care more about the actual repurcussions of such an action.

I think what Dave is alluding to is it might be “uncomfortable” or “inconvenient”. Therefore, it might be something to avoid.

Fortunately, America is chock full of Americans who welcome short-term pain as a challenge well worth the reward.

You mean importing crap from China that finds its way into landfills within 3 years on average? No thank you!

Its not about short term pain. It simply cant be done within a year. Why do you think we have such a big trade deficit? Its because our economy has become, increasingly, one of technology, not products.