Trump Administration Hopes Vietnam Will Take More Deportees


Right, like we’d be eager to welcome back traitors and terrorists to the US?

Seriously, think before you post.

Bringing them back would do nothing but split the country.


So let me get this straight. You have been ignorant of the Vietnam war, and the international events around it. You have been ignorant about the problems of targeted gang-banging and drugs that have been plaguing the Vietnamese and immigrant Asian communities. And all the while, youre touting that youre the only “thinking” one here, with youre defense of “they are innocent”.

So now youre saying that criminal gangbangers will stage a national-wide political movement? I thought they are being killed on-sight? Like I said, even the idiotic staff at CNN did not pick this up with the same fervor youre displaying here.

Take your own advice:

When I was wrong about the an article someone posted back in freebird and you pointed it out, that it was fake fear spread by the ACLU, I admitted that I was wrong (something about Congress is passing out a pro-Jew measure). I can see that youre not willing to have the same humility after I presented the facts and the history surrounding this matter.

@Scott was right, youre claiming to “know” everything and use that to “think”, but it looks rediculous when youre arguing with a native Vietnamese that was spent the majority of his lifetime in that very same country youre claiming to know so much about.

Kudos to you, oh enlightened one. You put Zarathustra to shame.


I’m not ignorant of anything particularly the war, I grew up watching it daily on TV and watched my friends fathers come back broken or not at all in many cases from the war. One of the longest serving POW’s of the war was the father of a good friend. Over 30 of my dad’s classmates never returned.

Gangs have been part of the US since it was founded and I never said anything about the “criminal gangbangers”.

I have been very specific about who I think needs to be protected and who the communists see as “traitors” so again, learn to read and respond to what is written and not what you imagine instead.

As for this, it was born of your own imagination completely.

So now youre saying that criminal gangbangers will stage a national-wide political movement? I thought they are being killed on-sight? Like I said, even the idiotic staff at CNN did not pick this up with the same fervor youre displaying here.

Speaking of ignorance.

In Vietnam there are still many scars from the war and a whole lot of people who don’t support the regime. Bringing those “traitors” back would likely do nothing but bring back old hatreds and a new effort to remove the regime.

In the US, our political left largely worships traitors and hates pretty much everything about our country except for the free speech protections they enjoy.

Bringing traitors back here would inflame them and once again split the country.

Crap, we’ll burn large portions of our own cities down just because a cop kills someone that absolutely deserved it.

I grew up in the sixties and seventies, I really don’t ever wish to relive the political turmoil, riots, violence, and crime of that era.



And for:


All you have is sentiments and vague information, even after the facts are presented to you. First you defend the deportees and fear for their lives, and a moment later you fear for Vietnam and a possible civil war from … gangbangers and druggies DUIers? Youre acting like they are deporting every single refugees that moved here in the 80s. Even then, they dont even have a chance to stage any significant political movement, being content and deluded with the prosperity over sea. There are a generous estimation of 700K of Vietnamese refugees that came to the US, and there are 50 times that in Vietnam, so try again. The estimated number of deportees are 1-3k at most. Please, back to earth with you.

Save me the water work.


I’m presenting facts. I know what’s going on in Vietnam today because of business and family contacts there.

I know what’s going on here today because I pay attention.

As for who won the war, there was only a small minority of supporters of communism in the south, it was not a “popular revolution” it was an invasion by the north.

Without the Chinese and Russians heavily supporting the north they’d have had no chance whatsoever.


Love me some anecdotal evidence. I cited articles and you cited your uncles. Must be so hard to know-it-all. Whats going in in Ethiopia, any uncles there?

No shit, sherlock, Im not sure what youre trying to point out here, repeating what I have already posted.


No, that isnt true, the vietnam war was a complex situation , yes the Soviets and Red China supplied the North with modern weapons like the AK 47’s while the Americans ( LBJ , Westmoreland and McNamara) supplied the South with antiquated WW2 weapons

Võ Nguyên Giáp north Vietnam general using the Chinese game “go “ strategy as Westmoreland uses “Chess” strategy

LBJ micromanaging the war and picking the wrong man to lead the war.

And of course McNamara boys or morons as thew were called was also a major problem


You haven’t cited an article that had anything to do with how these “traitors” would be received.

No shit, sherlock, Im not sure what youre trying to point out here, repeating what I have already posted.

You said exactly the opposite.

I only seem like a know it all to “know nothings”.


What I said was completely true although I have no argument there but then came Nixon. Without the heavy support from Chinese and Russians the North would have stood no chance at all. They whole country would have starved out by mid 65.

We had already bombed the north into the stone age and forced them to start seriously negotiating. We had all the momentum and the war was essentially won when the turmoil at home over the war forced him to accept their terms.

We left the South without the means to continue the fight even though they still had the will while China and Russia were pouring in endless supplies of their very best tech, weapons, and of course ammo and ordinance.


The war was won? which war were you following?

Westmoreland made a mess of things including tons of tactical errors, Giap was making Westmoreland look really silly a bunch of backwards hillbillies outmaneuvering the mighty Westmoreland forces

it wasnt until General Abrams came in and changed the outcome as Washington got tired of Westmoreland “optimistic” reports and then asking for more troops in the next breath.


We’d won every military engagement of the war. NV’s industry was in tatters and they couldn’t even feed their own population.

Once we started hitting Cambodia and Laos where the Ho Chi Min Trail supply depots were we showed them we could cut off all their supplies to the South.

Had public support not cratered we could have continued the same along with bombing Hanoi and the north would have utterly been defeated.

Another six months or a year continuing the all out offensive instead of the political BS of Westmoreland and the previous administration we could have finished it handily.


I addressed that in my post.


We won every military engagement of the war? I’m not sure what version you are reading TWR.

And why do you think public support wavered?

This part confuses me, because no one knows what JFK would have done, and Eisenhower was long gone before the start of the war, LBJ micromanagement style was a disaster from the get go


The primary reason was that the Media, Walter Cronkite in particular, convinced the American people that the near destruction of the North Vietnam Army and Viet Cong during the Tet Offensive was a US defeat.


Because Westmoreland reports were bogus from the Get go.


The fact is, the US Armed Forces nearly destroyed the military capability of the NVA to operate effectively in the South during that campaign. NVA General Giap admitted as much after the war. He said he was shocked at the US civilian and political response to his defeat. He said it was a good thing (for NV,) because he could not have sustained a second such “victory.”


and you have facts to back this up Samm?


There have been many books written on the Vietnam War. I bet there is a library where you live.


so you think I don’t know what a library is? did you think I thought a library was a dessert at Olive Garden?

Come on Samm, you are better than this.

Of course Ive read books on vietnam, Did you think I just watched Ren and stimpy growing up?

The best books on the Vietnam war in my opinion was Dispatches by Michael Herr, A bright shining lie by Neil Sheehan, the Vietnam war by Geoff Ward and the last book McNamara’s Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War by Hamilton Gregory, that was an eye opener.

Im an avid reader, I dont get my reports from wikipedia or left wing sources.

Ive read other books on Vietnam but there were just propaganda pieces.


JFK was long dead. LBJ was gone. Ike wasn’t even in the picture. We’re talking about the end of the war, the Nixon Administration.