Trump Administration Hopes Vietnam Will Take More Deportees


Cronkite was a traitor. The VC were utterly destroyed and never played a part again in the war, what was left of them was absorbed by what was left of the NVA which was near totally destroyed.

Six more months of an aggressive combined arms offensive and Ho Chi Minh would have had to flee the country and what was left of his forces surrender.


Well, since you are so well informed on the war, why did you ask if I had facts to back up the statement that the US decimated the NVA and virtually the VC during Tet? You should know that better than I.


Do the math, average life span is approximately 78 years.

Here’s the question, the Asian community/Vietnamese is minuscule compared to the illegal Hispanic community.

Deporting illegal gang members should be a no brainer. The focus should remain on closing the border changing the asylum agreements, and deporting all illegals in the US.


Average life span is meaningless to individuals who are already at or near that age. Are you familiar with actuarial tables? A 60 year-old male has a life expectancy of about 83 years. When that same male reaches 70, his life expectancy has increased to 86. And when he reaches 80, he can expect to live until he is almost 89. Suggesting that it doesn’t matter because someone is old (60-70 is not old) and will die soon anyway, is at best an insult.


Dude I only mentioned the previous administration because you brought it up ( see your post below)
Did I misread that?


Which makes your reply even more nonsensical.


Give me a list of the battles we lost?

Public support waivered because of the daily body counts and POW numbers.

It cratered when the tractor Cronkite declared that the war was lost.


Are you aware of the differences between WW2 , Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq?

WW2 was fought with the military making decisions.
Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan wars run buy politicians for Washington DC.

WW2, Korea were conventional wars. Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam were guerrilla wars where the one side was not easily identified.

How many dates do you think we would have had in Iraq, Afghanistan if the same medical treatments in Vietnam were only available?

As a side note, at the estimated number of POW’s in Vietnam was 591 for the 11 years of war.

And Cronkite was beyond wrong. The US had destroyed the Vietcong and most of the NVA in S. Vietnam with the TET offensive. Cronkite’s based reported forced the US to scale back operations and allowed the North to rebuild and take over South Vietnam.


The same can be said regarding your posts

The U.S didnt lose any military battles, but in the end they had to withdraw because Westmoreland battle plan and LBJ micromanaging proved to be a disaster.

Why do you think we lost a lot of men? ever heard the term “McNamara morons”?

I suggest you re read Louman’s post above me , he explains it very well, simple enough that a leftist can understand ( although I wont hold my breath on it)


All of you are forgetting the real reason the war was a lost cause: we couldn’t turn South Vietnam into a functional country. We fought their war for them, and they were hopeless without us. If I remember right, as soon as we were out their troops stopped fighting because they weren’t being paid. How do you tell an American GI to go risk his life for that?


There is an important aspect to age. The older a person gets the less likely they are to commit a serious crime.

The percentage of violent crime committed by people over fifty is microscopic.


That makes your reply then even more nonsensical.

This part confuses me, because no one knows what JFK would have done, and Eisenhower was long gone before the start of the war, LBJ micromanagement style was a disaster from the get go

We know what they’d have done because they’d already done it.


And the north was incapable of operating without massive help from Russia and China including having their “advisors” working directly in the field with their main units.

We called it a “proxy war” for a reason. Both the US and communists (China and Russia) were fighting it as a chess game essentially putting each others weapons, tactics, and logistics against one another using the Vietnamese militaries instead of our/their own troops.

IT was however for all practical purposes otherwise US against Them.


we know what they’d one because they’d already done it??

So JFK would have conspired with the CIA to take out the North Vietnam leadership group, Eisenhower would have ordered another “operation Ajax” for Vietnam

Is that what you’re saying TWR?


Also not supplying them with modern weapons to fight the communist north didnt help either.


Do you remember congress cutting the South Vietnamese army’s legs off???


Congress cuts military aid to South Vietnam

Congress places a $1 billion ceiling on military aid to South Vietnam for fiscal year 1974. This figure was trimmed further to $700 million by August 11. Military aid to South Vietnam in fiscal year 1973 was $2.8 billion; in 1975 it would be cut to $300 million. Once aid was cut, it took the North Vietnamese only 55 days to defeat the South Vietnamese forces when they launched their final offensive in 1975.


Oh yeah, I remember well. I also remember that we were fighting a totally unbalanced war. The commies had no scruples, no boundaries, nothing holding them back while we tried to fight by Queensbury rules and prop up a dysfunctional South Vietnamese government as if they could be like us.

At some point you just have to admit it’s not worth the expense or American lives. We won the cold war just fine while Indochina (excepting Thailand) went down the toilet. That’s what they deserve if they can’t find a reason to fight the commies themselves.


What’s the difference between WW2 and Vietnam? Korea? Iraq? Afghanistan?

The military ran WW2 with clear objectives.

All the other wars were run by politicians with no clear objective and rules of engagement.

You cannot win a war with rules set by politicians for political gain.

I have never claimed any war since WW2 was worth the lives of Americans.