Trump Administration Hopes Vietnam Will Take More Deportees


Without the US entry to the war it would have been over quickly with far fewer casualties both dead and wounded.

Those that lost everything and had to flee for their support of the US have nothing left to go back to except prison, torture, and possibly death.

You don’t know what crimes any of the Vietnamese facing deportation have committed unless you look at each case.

I can’t support sending people back for minor crimes or even felonies from decades ago who have led a good life since, not with what they are facing potentially upon return.


So youre saying that my people should just give up quickly and die to communists, and that would be easier? Again please read up on the history of the war, as well as the history of the Vietnamese people before making statements like this. It was a proxy war between communist powers of China and the USSR, and the US. Before that, the first Indochina war between the French and the joint nationalist-communist Vietnamese force, and the country was divided into two, just like how S. and N. Korea is. The USSR and China started pouring resources into N. Vietnam to destroy this arrangement, and this is why the US came into play, just like how they helped S. Korea achieve their freedom. Wars were already in motion, and thats why the Vietnam war is called by a lesser-known name, the Second Indochina War Bc of this that at least some people (like myself and other Vietnamese refugees) achieved a better life, albeit not as good as the S. Korean has it.

If the war was to go through like it did the Korean War, S. Vietnam would be just as prosperous as our Korean neighbors, being at a very strategically and geographical advantageous location in Asia, abundant in natural resources. Unfortunately, that did not happen. It wasnt the US to blame but the hippy freelove anti-war druggies vocal minorities that dragged the US out of the war. According to many accounts of Viets that fought for the war, the war could had been won if the US was to hold for a month or two out, as the Vietcongs were running out of supply, as the USSR and China was having internal conflicts among themselves, singlaing the later split in the Sino-Soviet communist Bloc. It wasnt N. Vietnam or the USSR or China what won the war, it was the growing communistic sympathiaing groups (funded by the USSR arguably) in the US that undermined the war in the public, and we are still seeing the effect today, as young people love communism.

With all that said, the Vietnamese refugees (my “xenophobic” self included) should be extremely grateful to the US involvement to even let alive, let alone enjoying the prosperity and welfare that the US had offered to us. Any bad actors that muddle this sense of gratefulness and bring a bad name to the community should be deported, period.

I have been crystal clear about the severity of crimes that qualify these ingrates a one-way plane ticket back to that hellhole. If you live in San Jose, CA, the viet gang problem is severe yet under-reported bc the way Asian gangs operate: they often target their own (read: Vietnamese community, and other asian, especially recent immigrants since they often time dont/cant report crime due to language barrier) through extortion and (psychological) terrorism, while funneling drugs to said communities. They are also not flashy like African and Mexican gangs, but are just as deadly and harmful. These people are a dangers to themselves and their communities, especially Vietnamese. These are the ones that I want to have deported: if they want to gang-bang, they can do it in communist Vietnam, theyll fit right in.

So please, before you speak and accuse, do some research. I would be against the motion if they are deporting jaywalkers and parking tickets violators . If this was the case, CNN would be blowing up. The fact that no specific categories of crimes was reported should be setting up a red flag in your eyes, just like when the identity of the criminals are not disclosed immediately.

So “think”, like youre telling me you are.


No, try reading what I wrote instead of filling it in with your imagination.


There’s lots in this article that makes me suspicious. First of all, Ambassador Ted Osius is an Obama appointee, before that a Gore advisor. I take his opinion as that of an Obama stooge and not to be trusted.

Second, let’s look at the assertions:
-thousands of Vietnamese immigrants, many of whom arrived in the US as refugees. That usually means a few are refugees, in liberal-speak.
-many have gotten the deportations after being convicted of crimes, but most have long avoided contact with the criminal justice system. Again, lots of vague “many” and “most” that usually becomes “almost all” and “some but not a lot”
-Vietnam is refusing to accept them by playing paperwork games. Screw them.

  • “The majority targeted for deportation - sometimes for minor infractions - were war refugees” from Mr. Osius. My guess is that’s an outright lie. It’s also stated these people mostly came after 1995, hardly refugees from a war that ended in 1976 or so. “sometimes for minor infractions” means about 1% were DUI or something not like armed robbery.

This whole thing smells like another big lie cooked up by the liberals. Sorry TWR, but I want some precise data before I start crying for these poor refugees, and I’ll bet that if we ever see it, it will be almost all people you wouldn’t turn your back on.


? Precise data is exactly what I was asking for before deporting any of them.

Again, what crimes? When were they committed? If years/decades ago have the individuals gone on to lead a good life?

We don’t know any of those things.

I think we should before shipping people off to end up in prison, tortured, or dead.


They’ve all got deportation orders, yes? So, they’re guilty of something worth the effort to deport them. You prove them innocent. The stuff in this article makes me suspect that there’s maybe five in that group of thousands that may be worthy of sympathy. These things always turn out that way. Which five is it?

I’ll bet that a huge number are illegal aliens.


? I don’t have to prove anyone innocent. What I am calling for is careful consideration of their cases before they are deported.

How exactly is that such a problem?


What proof do you have that they haven’t gotten careful consideration? The word of an Obama stooge?


We have zero evidence either way.


Ah, historical facts are imaginations. Got it.


If it is as @TWR claims, the Vietnam gov’t would love to accept these people back, so they can slaughter them all. They are not doing that, bc most of these are violent criminals. It is not worth the effort to deport those with minor crimes, and if that was the case, this would be a major story to the media hungry to sling anything at the Trump admin.


Are you insane, or just a liberal? They all have deportation orders, which means some court adjudicated them as undesirable aliens. The burden of proof is on you if you’re saying that they aren’t. This is surely another example of phony tear-jerking propaganda stories cooked up in a liberal open-borders war room.


Define soon. Ten years? Twenty? Thirty? That’s probably as many years as you have lived. :wink:


According to the report, Vietnamese immigrants who arrived in the U.S. prior to July 12, 1995, are currently not eligible for deportation. It is not likely that many if any of those who came later were war refugees that fear for their lives because they worked for the US in Vietnam twenty plus years earlier. Yes, I know, the Administration tried to deport some people who came here before that date, but according to the report, they were unsuccessful in doing so.


I believe that you are only the second person I have ever encountered that knows absolutely everything… I am truly graced… :roll_eyes:

And your comeback is… ?


Who is the first, @montecristo1?


You have no evidence to show all of these people being targeted committed serious crimes.

The refugees are traitors to the communist regime, and no, they will not be welcomed with open arms. No communist regime has ever been tolerant of those they deem to be traitors.

Unless we’re actually reviewing the individual cases we have no idea what crimes they committed, when, or if they’ve lived clean, crime free lives for years or even decades since those convictions.

When run runs with blind assumptions to lead the way they usually end up crashing into rock walls.


I don’t claim to know everything but no legal resident is getting removed for the US simply over an injury accident.

Equal protection laws apply to everyone in the US citizen or not.


If you’ll read further though, one of the problem is that in spite of the MOU a good many who came prior to 95 are currently being targeted.

Like I said, my issue is with the refugees that helped US forces during the war and had to flee once SV fell.

The rest I really don’t much care about.


They dont want these criminals at all. Why do you think the US is begging Vietnam to take them back? By your logic, the Vietnamese should have said yes at a drop of a hat.