Transgenders with Guns on the Loose!: Nashville School Shooting

Death wish.
Why don’t they kill themselves first?
Then we might respect their wish.

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Suicide of the west is allowing these mutants to own guns. Americans lost their minds for not showing courage against this lobby. Men competing in women sports? Why don’t we hear about trans competing in men’s sports?


I viewed your other thread and not gave thought to the other angle you are putting forth. It does change things a bit, especially if the narrative is against “Assault Rifles” and banning them.

This is what we are possibly facing if the trend continues; they hate Christians.

The timing of a particular case being heard at the SCOTUS is a curious one too!


Leftism 4 U

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What is wrong with these people?


Been asking that question since these people starting competing in women sports. No coincidence that suicide rates are the highest in this group despite being less than 1% of the population.


“Transgender” is another euphemism.

Call them for what they are. Perverts.


Remember the Columbine High School shooting?

This bit was never reported. Therefore many people still don’t know.

The shooters were Jooish and they hated Christians.

Or mental illness because feelings should never replace rational thinking especially when it comes to science.

That part I did not know, but it wouldn’t surprise me because there were a few generations who viewed Christianity as being oppressive and it was even taught in universities and now public schools by removing any mention of Christianity from being taught.

The militant Trans Army!

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New insightful article from Mark Judge.