Transgenders with Guns on the Loose!: Nashville School Shooting

After the latest shooting at a Nashville Christian school there seems to be a pattern developing among disgruntled as well as mentally unstable transgender people committing shootings. While the sample size of such trends is still in its infancy, the predictable narratives of the left to go after guns while trampling on the rights of responsible gun owners suggests that they intend to double down on the protective class of trans people by ignoring the obvious problem of mental illness. As the saying goes “head them off at the pass” (people from the West know what this saying is) when it comes to addressing the mental illness epidemic that is affecting the country as a whole not only transgender people.

New Video released of Audrey Hale shooting her way into Nashville Christian School

Audrey Hale is a biological female who transitioned to become a male is the latest to commit a mass shooting that killed three 9 year olds and three adults in Nashville.

Hale fired a number of rounds inside the Covenant Church/School building. She was armed with these 3 guns and significant ammunition.

Did anybody know that this events was seen coming a long time ago?

Police released cam footage of them taking out Hale.

Looks like Tucker Carlson was right. The LBGTQ has their own publication!

Tweet of the day!

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The real issue of mental illness is not being addressed. I wonder why? (Sarcasm)

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Sort of reminds me of footage from eastern Ukraine where Chechens / Wagner group fight the Ukrainians in their house-to-house combats.

Compared to them, the Nashville cops appear totally amateurish and to lack courage. No contempt intended. It probably takes special training and getting used to when it comes to such indoor fighting.