Transgender woman rages at store clerk who called her 'sir' at a GameShop


Man child playing dolls and videogames.

A furious transgender shopper threatened a store worker after he called her ‘sir’ instead of ‘ma’am’.

An argument broke out at the GameStop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when the woman had just bought an item at the counter.

She demanded her money back after being called ‘sir’ by the male shop attendant, then raged at a fellow shopper who called her ‘sir’ again and asked her to stop swearing as there were children present.

After screaming and booting over a stand of toys as she stormed out, the woman then walked back towards to counter to continue the tirade.

She complained of being repeatedly misgendered by the store clerk and demanded to have the company’s corporate number in order to make a complaint.

A video was posted on Facebook of the woman’s furious exchange as she aggressively pointed at the clerk as he repeatedly apologized.

The clip began with the woman already at boiling point, saying: ‘I don’t want credit, you’re going to give me my f***ing money back.’

At one point she even offered to fight the shop employee outside to ‘show him a sir’.

During the angry confrontation, a female customer stepped in and tried to defuse the situation by offering to call the police, but also called the woman ‘sir’, which further enraged her.

She said: 'Excuse me sir there is a young man in here you need to watch your mouth.

‘I can call the police if you would like me to, you need to settle down.’

The angry woman replied: ‘Excuse me it is ma’am, it is ma’am. You need to settle down and mind your own business.’

When the clerk tried to intervene and clam the pair down, the woman thought he called her ‘sir’ again and screamed: ‘Motherf*****, take it outside if you want to call me sir again. I will show you a f***ing sir.’

The blonde woman, who was wearing a grey hoody and blue jeans, then marched out.


I’m running out of words to describe some of this bullshit that needs to have an end put to it.


At least we have the next headliner for Wrestlemania!

Super Soyan vs Macho Ma’am Tranny Savage


I lost interest in the Original story & clicked on the one in the UK Daily Mail about the transgender burglar named “Strawberry” being moved into a women’s prison.

State inmate records aren’t that difficult to access. I wonder, when one is looked up online, what sex a transgender inmate is listed.

The sex they were born? This transgender stuff is getting wierder & more confusing every day.:crazy_face:


OP didn’t clipconvert video - tsk tsk.


We have him too:


If he calls corporate, the person answering the phone will document it as "some man called and was complaining… "



Someone needs to interview as many of the white women who were going to attend this march. I would LOVE to hear their rationalization of this overt and explicit anti-White racism.


Lib women and woman wannabees must be born with an outrage gene


No. They’re just complete and total idiots, and it’s obvious they never learned a second language or looked up the origins of common words.

“Madame” is simply “my lady”.

Remember the “r word” outrage in the same part of the U S? Can’t say someone is mentally retarded?

“Retard” in the Latin based languages means late or delayed. “Ritardando” in Italian is a musical term indicating the music goes slower.

Their ignorance breeds their little poutrages.


A difficult call for the employee as the person certainly looks like an old male hippy. Butt ugly to boot.


And the voice…


Had the jawline of a US Marine too.


The lib army will be composed of disaffected and disgruntled malcontents …carrying weaponized pussyhats and pooperscoops from their San Francisco armory.


Looks like a man…talks like a man…

…should be arrested for damaging store property, convicted, and take his punishment…like a man!


The clerk should have told him this is not how ladies behave.


I’m sure that thing would welcome a short stay in prison.


Right? He was probably there to pick up Call of Duty or some extreme guy game.

Wonder what his gamertag is :rofl: