Transgender woman rages at store clerk who called her 'sir' at a GameShop


Don’t laugh :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I actually had a nightmare about the front desk receptionist and billing woman at my dentist’s office (she has a first name that is considered acceptable for either a boy or girl) turning out to be transgender & looking like the man in the above drawing.

Oy, this transgender business is getting looney :crazy_face::exploding_head:


Erp. Sorry. I did laugh! :rofl:


I believe the Feminist March thread is thataway>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


How to deal with a situation like this; tough call. How does this sound; you call a supervisor & say: I have a pathetic degenerate here with obvious mental issues, who wishes to be called ma’am instead of sir. What’s the procedure?


I’m at a farm in a nearby valley, installing a shallow well water pump. I knock on the door & this old boy answers; and behind him is a younger guy wearing a mini skirt. 6 feet tall & a 3 day beard. Also the hairiest legs I have ever seen. I install the pump, and I move on to check the pump foot valve. Requires air pressure to be sure the foot valve is holding. I tell the owner I need to wait for my partner to drop off the air compressor. He says, he has a compressor in the barn; and he hauls it out to the pump house. He then squats down ( mini skirt ). That image will follow me to the grave.


Maybe it should have got rid of the facial hair , adam’s apple and ear hair !!! :rofl::joy::rofl:


Thanks, now it is my head, too. :rofl:








“I’m going to tell the entire LGBTQ community”

With a voice like his, probably even they’re having some laughs about his claim of “Ma’am”:rofl:




This is very :disappointed: but true.


Faux ‘woman’, walking down the street
Faux ‘woman’, I do not want to meet
Faux ‘woman’
I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth
No chick could look as dudish as you


Faux ‘woman’, won’t you pardon me?
Faux ‘woman’, I couldn’t help but think
Faux ‘woman’
That you’re as crazy as can be
Have you escaped from your shrink?


Faux ‘woman’, stop a while
Faux ‘woman’, think a while
Faux ‘woman’, keep your cray cray to yourself
Faux ‘woman’, nope, nope, nope,
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Faux ‘woman’, admit the truth

'Cause I need you to stay away
Go bother other folks, bug them awhile
Oh, oh, faux ‘woman’!