Transcript Released! Call exonerates Trump!

There isn’t a thing in the transcript that implies that President Trump committed an impeachable offense.
He asked President Zelensky to find out why the prosecutor was fired while investigating Hunter Biden.
So what is wrong!!!

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Explain to me. While Hunter Biden was making a killing in Ukraine by taking advantage of his dad’s position, wasn’t Trump a civilian?

What has Trump got to do with the questionable wheeling and dealing of Biden and his son?

Trying to stop corruption is impeachable to Democrats. This should tell us a lot about their mental state and ability to lead this nation. Those that vote for them have mental issues.

The whistleblowers (redacted) complaint was just released, and it is explosive. Meanwhile, the president’s handlers are scrambling to figure out how to control him, his henchmen and do damage control…:rofl:

What is an impeachable offense?

I just finished reading the complaint; it is a collection of hearsay about an at most, minor peccadillo by Trump. Clearly the whistleblower is quite partisan given the amount of study of Fox News, of whatever he felt would look negative. I mentioned he was probably an old ‘Barackahu Akbar!’ true believer, and reading the complaint, it is quite clear.

If the Dems actually vote to impeach over this, there will be hell to pay at the polls.


Why don’t you tell us since you are so convinced that the president should be impeached.

The complaint is quite problematic for the president (at least one republican acknowledged that in today’s hearing) for Giuliani, and Biden, and or his son.

The thing is that the whistleblower is repeating information. So, hearings and investigations have to be conducted to authenticate the claims before we can really move forward.

Whatever congress says it is, as it’s a political procedure, not legal.

Monte, to me an impeachable offense is when the Commander-in-Chief ( President) allows the SLAUGHTER to occur at Benghazi and not lift a finger to save those men with HRC at his side.How could any person face the public on camera without any emotion when those lives were NEEDLESSLY lost because of EXECUTIVE INCOMPETENCE.
I forgot, these were white guys!!!


This will never happen with Trump!!! He is a President with compassion!!!,

Talk about not being your own words! Where did you copy and paste your talking points from?:rofl:

Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump have all committed offenses worthy of impeachment IMO, Bush and Obama’s being the most egregious. But there is no barometer for impeachment, and stupidly we have no policy for prosecuting setting presidents. So, look for more of the same going forward…:roll_eyes:

Well, we know you didn’t say that with a straight face…

What does “setting” presidents mean?

Ratcliffe lists numerous errors and lies in leaker’s report

Clinton, a known draft dodger, said he would gladly die for Israel. That’s an indication of what?

Bush is a crypto-■■■■

Obama has a ■■■■■■ mother. That makes him what?

Although Trump pretends to play the Zionist game, he is well aware who is the swamp and who is the enemy of America.

What a moron
Who caused the Maidan coup?
The Zionist lobby.
Who put Poroshenko in Power?
The Zionist lobby.
Who ruined Ukraine.
The Zionist lobby.

And the Ukrainian people got sick of it and voted Poroshenko out.
Now Trump is trying to mend the ties with Ukraine.
And who is desperately trying to hamper Trump’s efforts.
The Zionist lobby.

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Another attempt at thread derailing! Nothing to do with thread topic!


Monte, have you seen President Trump with the Angel Moms???

The democrats are all noise. They know they’re going to lose again in 2020, and so they’re absolutely desperate.

I mean, Joe Biden? Is that all they got? Give me a break. what a fucking joke.