Top Execs of 180 Companies: Abortion Necessary to Be Successful in Business

The top executives of more than 180 companies have signed a letter that says abortion is essential in order for people to be successful in their businesses.

Hmm, don’t you think it is time to know who these executives are and the companies that they represent? This is rather disturbing to read on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin to express such contempt!

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Sick sick SICK!!
These people are sick.

Meanwhile, in a related story, more stupidity and ignorance from the Baby-Killing Democrats:

Why are you just focusing on one word out of what was actually said?

Your thread makes it seem like these executives were solely discussing abortion. They were not , they were talking about access to comprehensive reproductive care of which abortion is one aspect.

What is that one word you speak of? I see several words in the header! Conflate much?

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LOL! How is murdering a child “healthcare”? How is murdering a child “reproductive”? You defend the slaughter of innocent children? You just demonstrated typical leftwing propaganda and fake news, playing with words to make something evil sound like something good. People like yuou are what is wrong with society.


I would contend people like you are what is wrong with society. Read the article and stop focusing on one word.

You have no idea of my personal stance on abortion.

That’s because you are a baby-killing blight on society.

When all someone has is personal insults they have lost the debate.

It is easy to be brave and insult people from behind a monitor.

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What is your personal stance on abortion?

Also you are trying argue on a false pretense! It doesn’t matter what else was discussed, the issue just as the article header suggests that these executives are making a statement about abortion being part of an equation that leads to success! Stop trying to falsely conflate the issue to being about one word because it isn’t! Your intellectual dishonesty here is apparent! If you have an issue with the article then take it up with Breitbart not me!

Sorry if the truth sounds like an insult to you. You support murdering children. Thats the truth. You are a bald faced liar. Thats the truth. Own it.

I have lost nothing. In fact, millennia are now siding within the pro-life cause because they understand the basic science that a child in the womb is a human being.

By the way, calling you an imbecile is also TRUTH. Your stupidity is self-evident in your posts.

My personal stance is that it should be a last resort but i will never judge anyone for having an abortion. Making it illegal is not the answer. We need more education, more access to birth control. Put in place a structure that gives women access to counselling and support so they can make an informed decision. Make the adoption and fostering process easier.

Well we are from two different countries right? You are from the UK? Is that correct? If that is the case then our views differ in some respect!

Different views are what make the world an interesting place.

If someone is having multiple abortions just purely for birth control reasons then i do have an issue with that but I suspect that is a minority of women.

True! I think there is some common ground between us on this issue that we can agree on however I also think we might differ on others as well.

For instance, you mention something about making it easier for fostering children. What is the issue now that makes that difficult in your country?

I dont have any experience in fostering anywhere but the US. The process is slow and mired in bureaucracy and don’t get me started on adoption. If society wants to reduce the number of abortions then society needs to step up and foster/adopt more children. It is criminal the number of children that are in care.

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There is NO excuse for murdering children.


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You can be hysterical as you like but it doesnt change the fact that just making abortion illegal will solve the problem.

People will still seek out abortions so we have to look at other factors.