Tommy Robinson goes to jail again

On his program, he encouraged vigilante action which is against the law, and now he has been found guilty of contempt of court. Seems perfectly reasonable…:man_shrugging:

I suspect you would have preferred him saying “bend over, UK”.

Yeah to you communist cucks who would love to find any excuse to silence free speech!

And now his supporters are being aggressive.

Will UK enter the Olympics of Journalist incarceration? Maybe UK has some trainers from the Muslim Brotherhood. Competition is stiff but UK has good start with the incarceration of an anti-Islamicist… the same crime as that of many that Turkey’s Erdogan jailed… but called “terrorism”.

I think you will find if you listen at about 2:30 in he was saying to the mainstream media if you want to harass anyone harass the perpetrators of the crimes ie the muslims who had raped the children.
The context is very clear and in no way can it be misconstrued as encouraging vigilante action. The words in this video are what he has been sentenced for.

It is black & white, it’s there for the world to listen to and to see.


US libs love European standards of justice. Notice how all libs here support TR’s arrest and how they try to cast TR as a terrorist.

Hopefully this kicks off a civil war. You guys need one badly.

The law is the law. He’s jailed under that law.

I disagree with the law and how it has been implemented here, but I have no say in British affairs.

However I am concerned about the way European changes get adopted here in the USA over time. Is this a harbinger of things to come here?

TR fears for his life if he goes to jail. It was the basis of his asylum request to the USA. It remains to be seen what happens to him now that he is there.

If TR comes here, he will be fine unless libs get elected. Then they will jail him here.

Go to the video in this post, and listen from 4:15 to 7:12. The issue is not ‘breaking the Law’, the issue is fabricating evidence in order to prosecute someone.

I believe that is known as perjury, and it is being committed by the judiciary.

When Tommy Robinson was filming outside the courthouse with his camera crew there was another camera crew filming him why is that camera crew not being penalised under the same law??

It is not often I claim someone has been stitched up but this time it is definitely a witch hunt against Tommy Robinson the law has not been enforced unevenly

Last time he tried to go to the US he had to use someone elses passport to even be let in.

Then when US authorities caught him he entered illegally anyway.

“Tommy” was livestreaming unedited footage to the internet when there were reporting restrictions in place.

It’s not complicated. He even stated during the footage that he knew he was violating the restrictions while doing so, so he doesn’t really have a defence.

What does all that mean?

It means it’s hard to apply for refugee status when US immigration services won’t even let him enter the country.

But he’ll be fine in jail, probably. This is like his 4th time on the inside.

Neither did Henry David Thoreau.

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In the UK if you are convicted of a crime you may be refused entry to the USA I’ve even known of one example where someone was accused of a crime spent time on remand then they were not convicted of the crime and was still not allowed entry into America

Tommy Robinson has been convicted of a violent offence he will not be allowed to enter the United States on his own passport so he used to friends passport to gain entry in the past


I LOVE that you’re drawing that comparison.

“Tommy” is running a profitable con.

Wonder whether it was the conviction for fraud, battering his girlfriend or the drugs charges that raised the red flag.