Tommy Robinson goes to jail again


I LOVE that you’re drawing that comparison.

“Tommy” is running a profitable con.

Wonder whether it was the conviction for fraud, battering his girlfriend or the drugs charges that raised the red flag.

There is a city in the UK here you are allowed to kill a Welshman after a certain time with a crossbow if he’s wearing a green hat or you suspect he was previously wearing a green hat and it has now fallen off. the UK has some strange laws and the law that was used against Tommy Robinson has not been evenly implemented if you work for the mainstream media it’s a law that you can ignore if you’re Tommy Robinson you’ll be convicted and sent to jail for breaking this law I believe Tommy is the only person in the UK history that has received a custodial sentence over this offence foodforthough

I don’t know about fraud in terms of would that make you ineligible to enter the United States but I know for a fact any violence offence and you will have extreme difficulty entering the United States so it was most likely the violence (him being an ex football hooligan)

In many parts of the UK most people have beaten someone up in their life it’s not really considered a big deal

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Contempt of court can land you in serious shit. Worse when you’ve already got a record. Worse still when you’ve literally already been warned not to do it.


“Tommy” hasn’t changed in the slightest. Still the thug and the fraudster.

I know exactly what I’m talking about contempt of court is normally used when someone is acting up in court telling the judge to go fuck himself or mocking a victim or their relatives if the law was being implemented fairly the people filming Tommy Robinson whilst Tommy Robinson was filming the crown court would have also been convicted

He wasn’t jailed for “filming”.

He filmed something very specific: The defendant of an ongoing trial with reporting restrictions in place. He did it live on air.

Were the other people filming broadcasting live footage of the defendant? Nope.

He is no longer a member of a football firm so he is an ex football hooligan that is literally a fact.

Also I do not consider it to be a black mark on someone’s personality or history if there was a member of a football firm they’re not going out robbing old ladies they’re fighting after groups of men that have agreed to meet them at agrre location to have a fight doesn’t really make you a bad person maybe a lost person and easily influenced and most definitely a risk taker but not a bad person

The mortgage fraud was just a guy trying to get a bigger house who can blame Tommy beating up his girlfriend was probably not the best thing he’s ever done but maybe she deserve that (I’m joking about the girlfriend there’s nothing a women can ever do that warrants her being hit ask bill burr)

As Tommy said; imprisoned for being a … journalist.

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It’s bizarre the lengths people will go to defend paedophiles and rapists if that means they get to talk shit about Tommy Robinson it really gets me thinking

Yes, if I point out “Tommy Robinson” is a piece of trash who knew he was violating the law, that means I must be defending Muslim rape gangs.

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He does do some fine journalisming!

For those curious, even a Jury member googling their own case can land them in jail for contempt of court.

Had “Tommy” recorded his footage and waited till the trial was over to broadcast it, he’d probably be in the clear.

We won’t get our country back because there is no future, the country right now is dead. Raze London to the ground if you care a fuck about the concept of British justice or democracy. London has no place in England any more.

Different story. He’s not on a jury.

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Contempt of court, you don’t have to be a member of a jury to violate the law on that one. Don’t even have to be in the court-room.

“Tommy” knew he was in violation when he was broadcasting live, he was doing it for the clicks and ultimately for fame and fortune.

His extra (4th?) stint in jail will only further raise his profile with his target rubes, so mission accomplished.

He wasn’t one of the defendants in the case that was being heard at the time. My understanding is that his violation was filming the defendants, not just filming in general.

Having said that, once he became a thorn in someone’s side I do not doubt that the powers-that-be were looking for any spin they could to nail him.

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He did break some laws though.

Still, like I replied to Rick, I don’t doubt that powerful entities within the government are using those violations to railroad him.

And that’s not unlike what they’re trying to do to Trump here.

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The UK is fucked. The courts are trying to show the people that they cannot win against state tyranny, and that the common man can no longer expect justice from the courts.

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