Tiger Woods Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Moments ago, the ceremony at the White House was broadcast live. President Trump went through a litany of accomplishments and records set by Tiger, most of which I was unaware and some of which will likely stand for hundreds of years.

He has made what one might consider the most phenomenal comeback in the history of professional golf.

After the President spoke and awarded the medal, the network went to other news. I switched to C-SPAN and was able to watch Tiger’s emotional acceptance (and gratitude) speech…then watch the President the invite his entire family and the First Lady up for photos after which they all proceeded into the White House, for dinner I suppose.

I have a refreshed level of respect for Tiger Woods and his philanthropic endeavors. He is truly a gentleman golfer.


Well there you have it, anyone can get a presidential medal of freedom for doing nothing.

At one point this was supposed to be the civilian equivalent of the MOH. I’ve never served in the military but this seems like it cheapens both.

Ellen DeGeneres also a winner, making the medal virtually as meaningless as the Obama’s Nobel.

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Who gave it to her? Think about it!

Hint: It was the same guy that received the Nobel Prize for doing nothing!

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Well, I guess it’s now official Tiger is now part of the ‘in’ club. A true misogynist! IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!

Tigger is a truly reprehensible person.

Truly a stellar family man.

A bit of his history:

November 2009

The controversy begins with claims of an extramarital affair between Woods and Rachel Uchitel, an NYC nightclub manager. Woods is then involved in an accident in Orlando, Fla. after running his Escalade into a fire hydrant outside his house. His wife at the time, Elin Nordegren, pulls Woods out of the vehicle.

Woods is ticketed for careless driving and takes responsibility for the accident. Additional claims surface claiming Woods’ involvement in multiple affairs with cocktail waitresses, porn stars and club promoters, among others. Woods releases a statement admitting to the sex scandal and infidelity and apologizes. Woods also says he is taking an “indefinite break” from professional golf. Nordegren moves out of their home.

December 2009-January 2010

Woods checks into a sex addiction clinic in Hattiesburg, Miss. Woods loses endorsement deals from Accenture, AT&T, Gatorade and General Motors. Gillette also suspends advertisements featuring Woods.

February 2010

Golf Digest suspends Woods’ monthly column “Tiger Tips.” Woods issues a televised apologyfor his actions and behaviors stating he’s been in a 45-day rehab therapy program.

April 2010

Woods withdraws from the Players Championship due to injury. Hank Haney, Woods’ coach since 2003, resigns.

August 2010

Woods and Nordegren announce divorce. Sean Foley becomes Woods’ new coach.

April 2011

During the Masters, Woods suffers sprains of his MCL and left Achilles tendon.

May 2011

Woods withdraws from the Player’s Championship.

July 2011

Woods fires longtime caddy, Steve Williams.

November 2011

Woods’ ranking falls to a new low, No. 58.

December 2011

After 107 weeks without a win, Woods places first at the Chevron World Challenge, his own tournament.

March 2012

Back and knee injuries force Woods to pull out of the WGC Cadillac Championship and Arnold Palmer Invite.

March 2013

After winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Woods regains No. 1 ranking and hold position until May 2014. Woods and US alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn begin dating.

May 2013

Woods wins the Player’s Championship for the seventh time.

April 2014

For the first time since turning pro, Woods misses the Masters after undergoing his first microdiscectomy. The back surgery also caused him to miss the US Open.

August 2014

Woods and Foley agree to part ways and Woods misses the cut at the PGA Championship. He also takes his name out of the Ryder Cup.

March 2015

For the first time since 1996, Woods drops outside of the world’s top 100 ranked golfers at No. 104.

May 2015

Woods and Vonn split.

September 2015

Woods undergoes his second microdiscectomy and announces his plans to return to competitive golf early next season.

October 2015

In his third surgery, Woods has a follow-up procedure on his back.

*2015 is the first time Woods missed all four majors in one year.

April 2016-June 2016

After withdrawing from the Masters, Woods announces he won’t play in the US Open or Quicken Loans National because he isn’t ready for tournament competition. He also misses the British Open and PGA Championship.

May 2016

For the first time in his career, Woods drops out of the world rankings top 500.

December 2016

After being sidelined for 15 months with injuries, Woods returns to competitive golf.

March 2017

On the 20-year anniversary of his first major win by a record 12-strokes at Augusta, Woods misses the Masters and his fifth straight major.

April 2017

Woods has his fourth surgery since spring 2014 to relieve lingering pain in his back and leg.

“The surgery went well, and I’m optimistic this will relieve my back spasms and pain,” Woods said in a statement. "When healed, I look forward to getting back to a normal life, playing with my kids, competing in professional golf and living without the pain I have been battling so long. “I would like to thank all the fans for staying in touch and their kind wishes. The support I have received has never waned, and it really helps.”

May 2017

Woods is arrested on a DUI charge in Jupiter, Fla. in the early morning of May 29. According to the report, Woods was found asleep at the wheeland failed multiple sobriety tests, but alcohol was not involved. Woods claimed it was a reaction from prescription medicationsfrom his most recent back surgery.

And he deserves a medal, for what???

For being among the greatest golfers in history.

Christians understand forgiveness, whether they are able to muster it in all cases or not. There are things for which I would never forgive a human. He has done none of them.

Are you a saint?

If not, you need to worry about your own character just as much as you do those of others.

If you claim to be, you’re likely a liar.

Sorry, I have higher expectations for a medal winner than a has been that got lucky.

He did not “get lucky”. He has been playing golf since he was a toddler. He’s not just good at it. He’s great at it.

Shows where priorities are focused. A man who is very good at hitting a small ball gets accolades.

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IN OTHER NEWS: Jonas Salk & team save the world from one of the monsters of the 20th century. NO NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE. I actually made an inquiry to the committee. I was told, we have people who make those decisions. I ask you all, was a decision really necessary concerning Salk & his team? The man was so confident, he tried the vaccine on his own family first.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Almost forgot, Obama was awarded a Nobel Prize for existing.

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Well you need to play well with a ball and it always helps to be black . :roll_eyes:

He was good, and great but he’s past his prime and wasted his talent and life and deserves nothing more than a he was a great golfer.

I spent years installing water purification & water treatment systems. I was one of the stewards of one of, if not thee, most precious commodities on the plant. I never got a medal. I provided safe clean drinking water to 10s of thousands of people; but I can’t hit a golf ball for shit.


I played the game for a while. Then more people began playing, you needed a reservation. Then the waiting began. Then I quickly became bored and quit.
I was an advocate for bowling to replace golf as the new corporate sport.

And there are millions just like you who will never get any special recognition.

I think handing such an award out for achievments in any sport cheapens the award but this is more about politics than it is anything else.

Why do you hate brown people?