Thoughts on the National Museum of African American History and Culture

What do you guys think of the Smithsonian opening the National Museum of African American History and Culture at our expense?

Personally, I think this is a total waste of tax dollars and that the building is an eyesore on the National Mall. More pandering to less than 15 percent of the population.

It should be demolished or re-purposed.

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I can sum up their history in a few sentences. They came here and lived horrible lives. The finally got freedom…and continue to live horrible lives. They are handed so much help and so many opportunities but would rather be lazy and blame white people for their problems. Not all of them are like this but most of them are and it is unfortunate.


We are required to celebrate Black Lives Matter on the mall. It will be open for midnight basketball and no one will have to come to work before noon.

I am wondering how they will handle transgenders in the new Kenyan wing. Will Obama’s college transcripts and birth certificate be on display under glass?

I’ve never been but plan on going very soon. Does anyone know how many Tubmans it costs to get in? I’ve heard that’s the only denomination they accept.

It will be free for blacks, since whites have already footed the bill. They may even have an express line for welfare check cashing at the gift shop. Oh…I am stocking up on proper 20s now, I’ll never spend or accept a Tubman Twenty.

The building looks like an alien spaceship on the National Mall. Completely disgusting.

Now, Aunt Jemima on our currency. What’s next, Uncle Remus? I am not a bigot or a racist. Every culture has been drug through the shit in their histories. It’s called history, and it’s how it was. Stop crying the blues, climb out of the hole & get on with civilized life. I had Irish ancesotrs who were little more than human cattle to the British. Slavery is slavery is slavery. Anyone ever wonder why so many Caribbean blacks have Irish names. Ya think the Irish went there on fucking holiday? Life is one short trip; for God’s sake, don’t waste it.

What did Africans contribute to America?

The Smithsonian isn’t taxpayer funded. It’s run primarily on donations.

I have no problem with the exhibit as long as it’s historically accurate.

Sadly accurate. Since the early sixties democrats have destroyed the black family with welfare and convinced every generation that followed they were victims who could never succeed in life without “help” from the federal gov’t.

I want to know why the only recognized holiday is Christmas. Or rather, the only day the Museum is closed.

Did Africans celebrate Christmas?

I’m confused :laughing:

Because Christmas is the one holiday they aren’t going to take from us for probably several generations.

Also because there’s almost no chance they would have enough business on Christamas Day to justify turning the lights on.

Then, why are movie theaters open on Christmas?

Some I suppose are but then those movies would be in the evening well after most people are done celebrating and for some families I guess they have a tradition of doing so.

The Smithsonian is huge, hundreds of thousands of square feet and it requires a huge staff to even open the doors.

It may also be based on some requirements from the man who originally began it with his own dollars and established the endowment under which it operates. Keeping the Sabbath was a very big deal in the Victorian Era.

Come on TWR. Don’t be obtuse.

I’m not being the least bit obtuse. Maybe you’re trying to make some sort of subtle point I’m missing so if that’s the case, please just lay it out for me.

The point isn’t subtle.

It is African American History and Culture.

You know and I know that the emphasis on this is African. The roots, the traditions, etc.

Why close on Christmas if this is about “African American” history?

What African celebrated Christmas?

And IF they want to combine African history and American history into one pot then why not close on Good Friday?

My subtle point is: They are Americans. Period. We all came from somewhere and we don’t need a Museum.

Where is the Museum of the Irish that were slaves? Nowhere because no one cares including the Irish. They moved on.

So should the “African Americans”.

I don’t know any such thing, I haven’t seen the displays.

They came from Africa against their will, this we know, hence the term “African American”.

I’m not going to judge it until I’ve seen it.

They say anything to get privileges.
Many slave owners were black.
So were those who sold them back in Africa.

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