This will not end well


Nope. That had nothing to do with his overwhelming incompetence. Your tender age is betraying you once again.


Somebody once asked what motivates me - The following is as good an explanation as any, just wish I had written it.

When I first heard that Israel was not the friend in the Middle East that I had been taught by my evangelical pastors, I wanted to believe that they were wrong. They were anti-Semitic.

I came across some things in the past couple weeks or so that have caused me to conclude that we are witnessing the most amazing deception I have ever seen or read about, at least to date.

We have been very well conditioned to keep our mouths shut about one of our enemies.

The term anti-Semite is an epithet that is tossed about when someone is getting too close to the truth.

The state of Israel is not the true Israel of the Bible.


More mindless Jew hating stupidity.


You could pull better and more accurate sources from your toilet.

The author is a bald faced liar.


Triggered? MUCH LOL…


Just speaking the truth. No wander you didn’t recognize it. It’s not something you have much familiarity with.


I’m happy for the viewers to decide whos telling the truth.

Most stuff I used to be able to watch on YT is now not available bc it is censored, why do they censor it if its not true

This is a prime example



Nobody but a jew hating moron is going to buy any of this as true.


This will definitely not end well
The link is long but worth reading and I guarantee you will be spitting feathers at the end. But please direct your anger at the real culprits.

During the Christmas season more boatloads of illegal immigrants were welcomed into Britain by an inept and dysfunctional British government, most of whose MPs are incidentally “Friends of Israel.” These so-called “representatives of the people” seem to bend over backwards to appease the powerful Jewish lobby here

Britain’s first Pakistani Prime Minister should provide an interesting landmark in British history

both our current Home Secretary and our Mayor of London have two striking features in common: both are of Pakistani origin and both have had careers which have advanced steadily under Jewish influence.

“Migrant crisis” now means failure to rescue more illegal immigrants on the high seas, ferry them to safety, and bestow them with benefits

Mrs Theresa May first act was to *[sign a pledge]committing her to remember the Holocaust and ‘stand up to hatred and intolerance’. And her second was to [spend the evening ]before her confirmation by the Queen at a private dinner at the home of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

They will come in endless waves until they are stopped,

Brexit Betrayal


National debt tops $22 trillion; further increase expected with baby boomer retirements

Damn those boomers, Imagine not mentioning the bloated excessive government spending.



Same old shit! Different date!

Try to come up with some original shit!


Despite my requests, you Hasbara guys still can’t come up with an original insult so I’m happy to post same response and it seems no matter how many times I post it, you all still get really triggered - why is that, I wonder.

Looks like American troops will be going to Iran soon.


How about this?

If you had shit for brains, you wouldn’t stink.


And could he have been any less original?

No. Mr Rogers and his mom.

After Carter I voted Republican and never looked back.


How about this, if everyone ignores it, maybe it will go away.




Thanks for mentioning him.
I will add him to my prayers.


Not a chance. We tried that …


Yep, he just recycles the same shit again and again.


You might as well - will you get a pay rise from him if you do?