This will not end well


Because they are stupid, but not that stupid


Yep but more importantly you should never bite the hand that feeds you




Why should they?..



They knew what the response would be. Total annihilation.

Of course they are. Why? $$$

It’s what the company is heavily invested in and what the Russian economy is most heavily dependent upon.

Without the energy boom Russia is bankrupt and falling oil prices are already crippling them.


More stupidity and blind hatred on your part.


Brain worms, big, big brain worms and a heavy infestation of same.


A lot of OPEC is moving away from dollar


Less than half true. There are plenty of illegals who work under the table. People who work under the table don’t pay taxes since the income is never reported, regardless of immigration status.


No, they generally pay some tax, sales tax and gasoline tax if nothing else. But like I said, it’s a net loss most of the time.


it is understandable that people would be slow to notice that a foreign country is dictating American foreign policy. Those anti-Semites are icky and mean. The conspiracy theorists are weird and creepy. No one wants to be associated with them. The thing is though, the truth is true, even if bad people believe it. The truth is, Israel may not control American foreign policy, but they have a tremendous amount of influence. Given what just happened in Syria, it is fair to say Israel has veto power.



Forget foreign policy. We have plenty of traitors in our midst setting domestic policy. The whole Zionist conspiracy theory is just a distraction. One of many. The “Jews” really don’t give a shit about us. Just like the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, or any of the other of the large plethora of boogeymen conjured up by the real villains in our own country.


More fabricated bull shit on your part. Congrats, at least you remain consistent.


Oh look, another Jew hating Islamist. How rare.


Have you ever heard of AIPAC. Do you know how many senators are Israel firsters. Do you know how much aid America gives to Israel every year???



Jimmy Carter lost a second term because of hyper inflation and a tanked economy, and a completely disastrous foreign policy … and because he was runnng against Ronald Reagan. Who cares how he rationalized it. He lost because he was arguably, the worst President in modern times and everyone knew it, even his supporters.


There is no evidence any of them put Israel first over the US.

Carter’s sour grapes, he was one of the two worst presidents to serve in the last hundred years.

He drove the economy into the ground.

He gave us the worst energy crisis we’ve ever seen.

He gave us at the same time double digit interest rates, unemployment, and inflation.

He gave away the Panama Canal.

He destroyed the “family farm” which had been the backbone of the country since before even the founding.

He gave the Soviets a clear strategic advantage over the US very nearly resulting in open war between us.

He embarrassed us again and again on the world stage.

He couldn’t have been reelected running alone.



What his biggest mistake was and what proved his undoing was that he upset the Israel lobby