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Jesus was a Jew. He came to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament. He studied until approximately the age of 30 the Old Testament and followed the traditions of the Old Testament. He recited from the Old Testament during his ministry.

It was not until after his death that the New Testament was written and it is interwoven with the Old Testament.

I honestly have no idea why this loathing of Jewish people is such a thing.


Jesus was a Palestinian. Jewish maybe but Jewish is a religion not a race.


One word Palestine and I don’t hate Jews per se, more what they do.


There is no maybe that Jesus was raised as a Jew, nor did he reject the Old Testament. He embraced the Old Testament and the traditions.

What he did NOT embrace were the “oral laws” that the pharisees bastardized. Hence, his anger in the temple where he overturned the money tables.

I never mentioned race, so what are you on about?


And being diagnosed “on the spectrum” is the easiest way to obtain entitled victim status… which is apparently a badge of honor among libs.


Internet Secret Idiot Squad


May you return to your people now, Inshallah.


No but you felt it important to mention his religion. What is much more important is that he was a Palestinian.


And this is what Hitler was worried abt


Jesus was born in Judea.

There was no Palestine until 132 A.D. after the Romans decided to quell numerous uprisings lead by Bar Kokhba. Part of the punishment for the uprising was to rename Judea to Palestine after the mortal enemies of the Jews, the Philistines.

So, to call Jesus a Palestinian is not only historically inaccurate but disingenuous on your part.


The first appearance of the term “Palestine” was in 5th century BC Ancient Greece when Herodotus wrote of a “district of Syria, called Palaistinê”


Great for trivia. Was Jesus Palestinian because after his death the name was changed from Judea to Palestine? No.


Case closed then lol!


Now let me get this straight…
Moses(or Moshe) a Jew, wrote a book and in that book he gave an area of land between the Euphrates and the Nile to his people the Jews.
So if I write a book can I give the land back to the rightful owners?



He was a Hebrew you ignorant twit. His lineage traced directly back to King David which is why he was in Bethlehem to be born. Joseph was of the House of David and commanded to appear there to be counted in the census and taxed.

“Hebrew” or “Jewish” was recognized as a race for thousands of years, today it it recognized as both an ethnicity and religion.

Quit feasting on hate filled bullshit and learn something for a change.


Not possible as the hate os far to strong.


Ok so if my children leave and go to Australia and all future generations of my family are born and live in Australia - are they Australians or British now.

If in 2000 years one of my descendants decides that he quite likes England and he gets a load of like minded ppl together and comes here - kicks out the indigenous ppl, without compensation and starts bombing the shit out of everyone else … Is that OK…and can they now claim they are British bc their distant relative(me?) wrote a book and promised this piece of land 2000 years ago???

If a Jew is born in America is he Jewish or American?
Yeah he can be an American Jew but his roots are American not Israeli. But if Judaism is a religion only then it would make sense.


The Jews have been indigenous to the region for nearly 5,000 years you moron and during that entire time there has been a continuous Jewish presence.

The Nation of Israel was founded as a homeland for all Jews from anywhere in the world where all know that if they ever choose to they can come and be welcomed there.

Palestine is a region, it has never been a nation, Israel is a nation and specifically created as The Jewish Nation.

“Jew” has two meanings, it is a recognized ethnic group as well as a religion.

There are both secular and religious Jews but to almost every man, woman and child they all identify ethnically as a “People”.

As for your kids and descendants, that would be up to British and Australian law, Israel has it’s own laws so it’s an apples to anvils comparison.


How does it feel beating your head against a wall? Some people will never accept the facts.