This may be the smoking gun in the Russia investigation

How many times have we heard that nonsense. With this story, nothing has really changed. It is pretty much a given that Cohen was in Touch with his Russian contacts for the Trump Tower project, longer than he originally stated. It is also common knowledge that he didn’t tell the truth in his congressional hearing.

So the latest is that two federal law officials stated that Cohen was directed by Trump. What’s interesting is that Cohen himself never claimed that Trump told him to lie.

And from the article:

No other major outlets have confirmed the BuzzFeed report. But if the BuzzFeed report is right,………………

So no major outlets have been able to confirm the claim, yet that won’t stop the MSM from yet again frothing at the mouth with anticipation.

My take on this? Wishing and Hoping.

Buzz feed has gotten a lot right. Doesn’t mean that got this right, but their track record on trump stuff is pretty good.

If the POTUS directed his attorney to lie to congress, that would be a big deal in my mind. How about yours?

I don’t doubt there might be something, but I can’t imagine Trump sitting Cohen down and directing him to lie to congress.

I don’t know about smoking gun. Blowing smoke is more like it.



Really? It seems consistent to me. A man who lies about everything…even easily verifiable facts…wouldn’t direct someone to lie?

We know also that Trump participated in teh draft of the statement re: the TT meeting - and that statement was a lie.

Why wouldn’t he participate in crafting a lie for Cohen if he would participate in crafting a lie for Jr?

That tactic won’t work here.

You presented your opinion and I presented mine. Neither of us can say with certainty what transpired. I won’t engage in follow-up Trump bashing with you. So unless you have some more succinct evidence you would like to provide, we are done.

My opinion is based on the fact that Trump is a habitual liar, and this alleged conduct is consistent with that behavior.

But ok - if you don’t want to discuss it on a discussion board, then have a nice day.

You should try twitter. Much less discussion. Much more statement of opinions.

Your argument centers on your hatred of Trump. I’m not going down that cesspool with you.

Come on, it’s BuzzFeed. Might as well be Vox. They’re about as credible.


Seems like couple people really really miss us…I find that so sweet.

Odd…considering what they been doing.


Does anyone talk about the substance of a OP on this board?

As for this story… I have no reason to not believe this. This seems consistent with everything else Trump has been know for his entire life.

The story was presented for brief comment with additional hard information that might become available. Simply passing judgement based on one’s hatred of Trump doesn’t really constitute discussion. It is simple Trump bashing.

There are plenty of forums that would love to entertain a Trump hater such as yourself. This isn’t one of them. If Trump bashing is what you are looking to do, you are in the wrong place.

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No, my argument centers on the the fact that trump lies a lot. That’s a fact. And that fact makes it possible for me to believe he instructed his atty to lie.

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That’d pretty good plan Putin has.

And to think libs hate him for it. :wink:

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Here’s the fun part… Trump told him to lie. Pretend that’s fact… Hillary deleted government records. She was guilty of obstruction. Last I checked, TELLING someone to break the law isn’t a crime with very few exceptions. Get pulled over… Hey, he TOLD me to speed… yeah, well, you did the speeding. Enjoy your ticket. Of course, Hillary told people over and over to break the law but no one cared. This is just transparent Trump hatred. Even IF it was true, nothing can be done about it and they know it. More than likely, it’s bullshit, just like the rest of the crap they spout.

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Here is a breaking update. Once again it looks like Buzzfeed got it wrong.


I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. :roll_eyes:


You would think Libs would tire of slapping themselves in their collective faces. But once again, for the 47th time, it appears they went from “we got him THIS time!” to


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Don’t worry, there are still spinning this to their favor as if this denial still proves their right. :rofl: