This is Why the GOP Loses: House Republicans Cut Ties With GOP Candidate Who Said Ilhan Omar Should Be Hanged

Democrats stick together and excuse each other and have each other’s backs. Not so with the GOP, who are always willing to throw their own under the bus to defend Democrats.


Imagine Muslims condemning and disavowing one of their own because he said “Death to our enemies”

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The Republicans refuse to understand that with the Left’s “ideals” of our (((modern))) world as the highest possible attainable glories of present day and all of history, the “conservatives” will always be fighting and playing on the losing side no matter what happens primarily because their counterparts on the Left are closer to those same ideals in both actual proximity as well as perceived (or propagandistic) proximity…

Values, or ideals, like “Diversity”, “Freedom”, etc… is what I’m talking about… Those on the Left will always express these in a much, much purer, true form than those on the Right who try to define themselves in terms of those same values while simultaneously trying to remain an enemy of the Left in general…

Conservatives refuse to understand that Liberals are closer in reality and in perception to all those modern
rootless cosmopolitan democratic principles than the conservatives will ever be…

Conservatives cannot play this game forever… It’s like they are midgets playing the game of whoever has the longest legs ultimately wins!

And they keep on doing this over and over…

Time to start a new game with new “ideals”, which automatically means that you stop identifying with the highest principles of your enemy on the Left… These principles could be any of number of new ideals, however I would personally choose something like “Family” and “Nation” and “God” and “Blood” over “Equality” and “Liberty” and “Fraternity” and “Diversity”.

Why is it so hard for Republicans just to copy the successful things that Democrats do? As soon as someone says something that the left REALLY doesn’t like, the Republican who said it finds himself swinging in the wind. Once that happens the Dems demand that the person resign and they usually do. It plays right into their hands! If anything, Republicans should learn from Trump and start saying the most offensive stuff possible right to their faces!

George Buck did nothing wrong.

Well that’s just total bullshit. They threw their own under the bus to defend decency and the American rule of law. But naturally the red hatter bigotry and racism rules the day.

Why don’t Dems ever do the same thing?

“Some people did something.” Ilhan Omar: Referring to the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

Omar May have said what she did because like many members at PB she knows that 911 was an inside job…:man_shrugging:

But anyway, back to the op, representatives suggesting that other representatives be “hung” :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Um no, not in America, those bastards can be run out of congress, and those republicans ostracizing them are spot on.

Treason is still a law on the books that’s punishable by death.

But if actually administered we’d be hanging Trump not impeaching him. America has progressed beyond many laws that may be still on the books.

As much as I love my Conservative brothers and sisters, I must say that their, or OUR failure to learn the facts about political Islam makes us impotent and clumsy when trying to convey our objection to Islamization and the vanguard of the Islamist campaign in America, Rep. Ilhan-Omar.

Because we fail to learn about Jihad we are without tools to use to criticize her in a way which means something more than just insults… insults which make the GOP patriot seem the bad guy in the eye of the public and makes the Jihadist, Ilhan-Omar, seem to be the victim.

Read up or be impotent.

Watch the videos.

Learn about your would be captors to effectively resist them.

image Bill Warner - Our Timid Intellectuals

Bill Warner doesn’t malign or much discuss Muslims at all.

He simply focuses on the Koran, Hadith and Sira. He tells about Mohammed, Allah and the history of Islam.

It is an interesting history and by knowing Mohammed you can know Islam.

Attacking Muslims who have committed no crimes is guaranteed to be the less effective way to express your dissatisfaction with the political Islam being practiced in and on and around you.

Bill Warner, PhD: To Know Islam, Know Mohammed

Political Islam

The easy way to understand Islam is to know Mohammed’s life story. It is an incredible story that changed the history of the world, and it is even more powerful today. Mohammed is pure Islam. Ninety-one verses in the Koran say that every Muslim is to imitate Mohammed in all things.

Is sex slavery Islamic? Look to Mohammed. He had sex slaves, so when Islamic state has sex slaves, it is Islamic. What are women’s rights in Islam? Look to Mohammed. He said that women could be beaten, had to always obey their husbands and could be part of a harem. He also said that slaves were to be treated well.

It is too bad that our lack of knowledge of Jihad makes it easy for Islam apologists to accuse us of bigotry and racism, a bogus charge at the core of it.

These supposed racists on the Right have no problem with Blacks and Hispanics and Asians and we celebrate the President’s historically low unemployment rate for people of those racial categories.

But Islam apologists want the Liberals to believe that we are racists and bigots. And we on the Right are so afraid of that accusation that we cower before it or else flail back at the charge ineffectively, impotently, like girls.

We are not racists or bigots.

We just want to preserve our culture and freedoms and way of life and dont want ANYONE or any group to conquer us.

But, again, because we dont invest the time and effort into learning about Jihad, we are made cowards and pushovers to those we can easily out debate.

I’ll tell you what’s most bizarre. Every study has concluded that the US led WOT is radicalizing Islam and has created record numbers of refugees, the most coming from the ME/NA countries that the US is militarily active, and yet the people most scared of Islam and immigrants are the least likely to demand an end to US imperialism, regime change and resource wars in those countries.

He brought discredit to a noble cause.

ALL NON MUSLIMS IN AMERICA should object to the Islamization of our country, which is led in spirit if not in actual street revolutionary tactics, by the Crew and Ilhan-Omar.

Calling for her to be hanged allows any and all future anti Islamization efforts by all future patriots, to be smeared with his ignorant but understandable expression of frustration.

It is interesting information and not complicated as you might fear.

He’s a mathematician, doesn’t read Arabic and knows nothing of history.

No, I think he does read Arabic.

It is a fascination of his to read Islaimc texts from the most authoritative source(s) possible.

He mentions Bukari quite a bit in some videos.

You should watch his videos if you would criticize him accurately, effectively or believably.

Ignorance is the root of fear. His hate speech and bigotry is born of his fear. And he’s poisoning minds…

You dont know what you are talking about.

He rejects name calling, he doesnt malign Muslims. He even talks about the things he likes about Muslims and Islam.

Peddle YOUR lies and bigotry card elsewhere.

Anyone who watches or reads his work knows you are off base with those criticisms.

He cites the Koran, Hadith and Sira and is faithful to the actual words and deeds of the Prophet and Allah as written in the authentic Islamic texts.

You cant handle the truth.


The ethical standards of the Republican Party seem to be higher than those of the Democrat Party.

The Democrats complain about unethical behavior only when such behavior is exhibited by their opponents. They ignore such behavior by any of their own.

The Republicans seem to apply the standards to all.

Since Congress members are immune from slander and perjury charges when speaking in Congress, they can lie all they want. Adam Schiff is the prime example of a lying politician.

I doubt that many, if any Republicans relish being tagged with the LIAR moniker.

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Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades
2,220,484 views • Aug 20, 2014

Political Islam

Which was worse? Watch the data and you decide. This video is part of Bill Warner’s astounding lecture: “Why we are afraid. A 1400 years secret”: part of a must watch playlist:"

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