This is what happens when morons have freedom

“Britain’s biggest family reveal they are expecting baby number 22, Sue Radford, 44, yesterday confirmed that she is expecting her 22nd child . . . with husband Noel, 48.”

And she still has another decade of fertility?

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Pity all those kids for having brain-dead cretins for parents.

Fortunately for them your endless welfare state will provide for all of their basic needs.

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That’s what it’s all about. :+1:

So what would be your approach to limiting freedom to “morons” and how would you define “moron” for this purpose.

This is why entitlements everywhere need to be killed. They do nothing but enable those in society who are the least productive to get the most benefit.

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They have a family business which is a baker’s they are not on benefits and it is a free country to have as many children as they wish also both of the parents are orphans and when orphans become adults they generally have bigger families particularly if they marry a fellow orphan

They own a family business and are not on benefits

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People like you guys that are unable to make personal sacrifices because we are so mollycoddled in western societies are the reason why we have declining populations of natives

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Just goes to show that it’s the right that wants to restrict freedom. And bigots on this always assume that if you’re having lots of babies, they’re welfare babies…:roll_eyes:

Doesn’t matter, any opportunity to take a swipe at social service is going to be exploited.

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Jesus effing wept! there’s always one isn’t there!. Yes I know all that, but is it responsible to society, or fair to all those kids? This woman should have been forcibly sterilized after baby number 7.

Er, child benefits X 22? Plus the ‘parents’ won’t be liable to pay any income tax? And the cost of post-natal care for 22 children, when the NHS is struggling, especially in the field of midwifery? The cost of primary education X 22? And I could go on. Is there any room on your little liberal planet for me? And don’t even get me started on how they can possibly run a business and look after 22 sprogs at the same time.

So you’re going to be showing up at people’s homes sterilising them if someone come to my house looking to do that they would get hurt not everyone is a pussy that would make that happen to them

Do you really think you could go around people’s houses doing that??

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Child benefits in no way covers the cost of having 22 children the first child gets £80 a month the oldest child is probably a grown man now (and child benefits stops when then child become 16 years old) in autistic mind you probably think all the children are under 10 the most recent child properly gets less than £10 a month.

Don’t be silly - I didn’t say I was going to do the sterilising myself, I obviously meant it should be mandatory, and done by the NHS. :roll_eyes:

What are you saying, that the taxpayer should pay the full amount of raising them, including food and clothing from maternity through to maturity? Anyway what do you say about my suggestion the parents couldn’t possibly run a full-time business and look after all those kids, even if some might be approaching adolescence? If the parents can’t afford to raise them without assistance from the taxpayers then they shouldn’t have had so many?? It’s fortunate that not all couples have 22+ children, isn’t it? Am I really having to ask that to get my message across? :roll_eyes:

The couple live in a 10-bedroom house and rely on Noel’s income as a baker and receive just £170 a week in child benefits.

Sounds like he runs the business and she is a stay at home mom. With a 10 bedroom house I don’t think they are too bad off. Everyone looks clean and happy.

As to the 170 a week in child benefits? I’d rather it go to a family like this than an ungrateful third world refugee.


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So in your Authoritarians mind who would be showing up at people’s houses to mutilate them would it be police the military or the brown coats??? I believe in personal choice and personal freedoms you appear to be belief in a top-down rule of law

They have a family run business thier children are working in the family business these children are adults in thier 20s and they received £170 a week in benefits and these are state benefits the parents can’t even refuse

WTF are you waffling about! I’ll tell you what - you believe in ‘personal choice’ and I’ll believe in ‘no freedoms without responsibility’.

‘showing up at people’s houses to mutilate them’ :roll_eyes: FFS don’t you know how utterly ludicrous that is? I think you are young - very young.

There are none who do so much harm as liberals obsessed with doing good.