This is an old question but nobody has an answer

An old English village has copied in its design a lost Martian city.
How is it possible?

The Celts performed rituals on the mound.
Did the Celts build the village? Probably not. It’s some folks who preceded them on the island.

Aha! You’ve been reading too much of Zecharia Sitchin!


Sitchin is a great guy, maybe.
I don’t agree with him in entirety, especially since he advocated the notion that humans are nothing but slaves (of some questionable deities).

Old Sumerians were easily suckered.
Modern humans all the more.

What I said: “A small planet of a minor star, on the edge of an inconsiderable galaxy”. We are a bunch of arrogant little toadies. Nothing more. We began killing each other the day our ancestors left the trees & began walking on two legs. Possibly even before we left the trees. Now, the Garden of Eden. Myself, I would never have eaten that fruit. I would have asked God to take another rib & do what He does, & give me a different woman. There ain’t no pussy on the planet worth giving up the Garden Of Eden. But no, now I have to suffer because of some fuck struck ancestor’s decision. That ain’t fair.

What that picture shows is that dirt has the same angle of repose in the British Isles as it does in Central America.

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Not to get off track too much; but, if a funnel is filled with dry sand, and the sand is allowed to flow out naturally and only gravity being responsible for the angle of the mound produced, it is the most stable mound in engineering. I think the ancients knew this.

Avebury is a blueprint of Cydonia on Mars.
It is no coincidence.

Wikipedia doesn’t want to talk about it.

I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill.


I don’t think they knew it, they just did it, and because of the physics involved, that is how they turned out.

The name of the city “Cairo” or al-Qāhirah (Arabic: القاهرة‎)
also has a Mars connection.

An-Najm al-Qāhir (Arabic: النجم القاهر‎, “the Conquering Star”) or Mars

Cydonia with pyramids and a big man/cat relief
Cairo with pyramids and a big man/cat statue

Nailed it!!!

They did not need to know anything, they just piled on dirt until they were satisfied with the height, Gravity and Friction take care of the rest.

Since you have clearly been there, could you show us the selfies?

Never been to Mars.
Many kidnapped American and British scientists work there.
Kidnapped and subsequently brainwashed children (now grown) as well.

Getting stuck in a matrix and refusal to get out of it is not a sign of high intelligence

Puma Punku in Bolivia. That’s a head scratcher. It would have required diamond cutting tools. The stonework is laser accurate.

Why are so hostile to Christians?
Taught by libs?

Neither is wrapping yourself around endless axles by accepting the most outrageous, insane, unsupportable or baseless conjectures and conspiracy theories as fact.

Well, at least in your case the latter is entirely true.

Yet another absolutely insane conjecture with no basis in fact or relation to reality.

No, all it requried was a nearly endless labor supply, water, grit, and time.

You can rough cut stones to the approximate shape then simply vibrate or rub them together with grit and water and the joints become perfectly fitted and smooth.

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