This could be your future Westerner!

Stunning video apprehended from China thought police!

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No Jim, the Dream Police…

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This is where America needs to step in and just say we are no longer going to do business with China. The Chinese are the absolute worst and they have absolutely no respect for human life. We should give them the same treatment that we give to Cuba, Iran, and North Korea. Their cheap labor and crap products aren’t worth it.

Trump’s already in love with KJU, you want him two timing with Xi Jingping now…:flushed:

Chinese products don’t even approach the quality of American made products from 75 or 80 years ago. All their technology was lifted from other countries. China only excels at producing Chinese. I’m on my 12th or 13th Chinese coffee grinder. The one my grandma gave me 40 years ago still ( other than finally needing a new electrical cord ) works fine: MADE IN GERMANY.

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What is the brand name of your coffee grinder?

The one made in China?

Elbow grease? :wink:

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Yeah! Lol!

Jokes aside, I think it’s important to know which products are Chinese manufactured ones, even though they say American made on them!

Tell me how you felt about extraordinary renditions and the use of torture by Americans all throughout Bush’s war on terror.

Then why are you buying all those Chinese ones? Just use the German one…:man_shrugging:

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Because then his made-up story wouldn’t make any sense.

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Why? What does that have to do with the OP? If all you going to do here is virtue signal for the Chinese and revert to changing the subject, then I suggest creating your own thread topic to explore your issue of hating Bush!

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Okay, let me peel back the onion for you.

You are making a ridiculous alarmist claim that what is being done in China might soon be done in the US if those evil communists get in control.

What you aren’t realizing is that the US perfected torture of opponents a long time ago.

Don’t you remember all of those Donald Rumsfeld takes about waterboarding? The US has been torturing people for decades and the torture factory down at gitmo is still open, which is a real shame.

How about asking Clinton, because if you think torture was invented during the Bush administration then you are grossly misinformed and only reveals your partisan agenda!

Also, you are clueless when it comes to the issues of China, so naturally to layman snowflake like your self calling what is being done in China ridiculous is par for the course!

I’m not asking Clinton as he didn’t start this thread. You did. your opening was just belly aching about what China is doing while completely glossing over the fact that the United States has done the exact same thing for decades. Try reading up some more.

Seems to me you are the one that is grossly misinformed and trying to tell me to read up more is certainly projection on your part of being ignorant on the subject matter.

You are not asking Clinton, yet it was you who introduces Bush to the conversation when it came to US inflicting torture. I guess your partisan agenda is showing here and your pivoting again is typical!

I am done wasting my time with partisan hacks like you ! Have a nice evening!

OMG! Can you stay focused for more than a minute?

Your opening thread was about China torturing people!

Did you not get the memo that the US has done the same thing for decades?

Either you support torture or you’re against it. You can’t have it both ways.

OMG! Can you stop derailing the thread topic to falsely conflate it to being about US torture? Did you get the memo or are you that obtuse?

I’m not derailing the thread at all. You are the one that made a very nebulous thread to begin with. I was simply connecting the dots. I know that is really difficult for conservatives because abstract concepts seem to be lost on your side of the aisle, but that’s why those of us on the left are here to help you see the bigger picture.

If torture is bad, then torture is bad. If torture is only bad when the other guy does it…that makes you a hypocrite, not a patriot.