Thinning the horde

Some god news - good guy four, bad guys zero


4 out of 5 tagged…spectacular! 3 down, 1 in surgery, and 1 with his tail between his legs as the coward he is. Way to go Texas!

Watch out @Wazoo2u2 - apparently people are getting upset when we get happy about this sort of thing. Expect the bleeding heart “conservatives” to drop by for some pearl clutching and couch fainting.

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Only bad part to this story, is that he didn’t kill the other two.

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Not bad shooting considering the circumstances.

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Weren’t you just crying about people taking joy in this sort of thing in the :taco: thread?

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If you can’t distinguish the difference between the two scenarios…then I can’t or won’t help you.

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Why don’t you explain the difference? In both scenarios people were stealing (or attempting to steal) and karma got dealt. It’s the way things are supposed to work. Is it because you support the mechanism by which death was delivered in this scenario and not the other?

One was in defense of himself and his home/possibility his family.

Other one wasn’t.

It’s been couple minutes now…have you figured it out yet?

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The dehumanization. They shouldn’t have been stealing. Karma got them. They are not “Tacos”.

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Oh sorry for the delay! I was watching some beans get baked. Truly satisfying.

Make sure you add bacon…lots of bacon.

People fantasize about being the homeowner in this scenario because they either think killing people is something they want to do, or they just need to feel above someone else at least once a day.

It’s not much different than watching a championship fight, then calling the loser a bitch from the armchair.

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How does this suit you?

I’m happy as hell that the homeowner killed three out of four. I wish he’d have killed four out of four.

They were criminals invading a man’s home.

Would I call them “tacos” and be happy if the homeowner turned a flamethrower on them to kill them then laugh about it? No.

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Sure, because taking a life seems so easy and justified. Until you take a life no matter how justified it is and have to live with it until the day you die.

There are differences - This was a home invasion and the homeowner absolutely spared his family a real horror show by plugging these semi humans.

The other is a mob of people too stupid to consider that perhaps a geyser of GASOLINE mixing with air might be something to, oh, I dunno, avoid. Poverty or not, they all had five gallon or larger jerry cans to haul off their loot. This is Darwin award stuff, but that site is way too PC to actually list an award for this. By the way, in at least one video, toward the end, you can see a couple men still hauling off jerry cans with gas - right past the cops. Of course burning to death is a horrifying way to go, but liberals never consider how it happened- only that it happened. Conservatives, in general expect people to use their brain at least a wee bit.

There is a similarity between the two: in both cases pre-meditated criminality resulted in both groups getting ‘burned’.

Well being burned alive sure does seem like justice for stealing some gas. I mean most other countries you’d lose a hand, but hey when we punish we go the full nine. Oh wait, we don’t actually burn people alive for stealing here, do we? Never mind.

No one (at least on this thread) said that burning alive was a fit punishment for theft- that’s an inference you chose to make. My point was that even in poverty one might steal food, but gasoline? from a geyser?

It isn’t the theft, it’s the unwillingness to make even the most rudimentary judgement about a situation.

So being burned alive isn’t justified for stealing, but it is for being stupid. Well that’s a whole lot better. :roll_eyes:

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They got judged by the laws of physics. They don’t take bribes nor do they care what skin color you are, some learn that the hard way.