Thinning the horde

Don’t put down your pom poms on my account. I’m just here for the popcorn.

Again, you don’t consider how it happened, just that it happened. We have a society that ignores how people end up in prison, dead, etc. and only considers their ‘plight’ as if some cosmic throat punch came out of the blue.
If people comment on the irony of a situation, it hardly means that they see being burned alive as a just punishment for anything. You are inferring that others do. By the way, when you look at the Darwin awards site- does your heart ache for the rubes who electrocute themselves trying to stun a pond full of fish from their aluminum boat? Didn’t think so.

You literally just said it was justified by their stupidity. Why else would you keep bringing up Darwin? I can’t help that you can’t defend your own position. Personally, I’d never put myself in that position. Probably why I never end up having to defend it.

Please quote where I said it was justified by anything. The Darwin awards - good grief, just look it up.

You reflexively assume that talking about the irony of the situation, and/or the foolishness that led to it is somehow justifying the fate of those who were killed. Perhaps if I couched what I said in sufficient useless handwringing you would not make your assumptions. This is your own projection, there’s nothing for me to defend.

By the way, those who spend their time pearl clutching never come up with measures to prevent the next similar disaster. Did you know that there have been over 12,000 other such ‘taps’ in that Mexican state in the last 12 months? Those who would take measures to prevent or punish thievery of this sort are cruel and greedy. Pearl clutchers, and finger waggers see this as somehow justifiable because - poverty’.

When a tap like this blows up (as one did in Nigeria a few years back) - it’s a great tragedy, and the pearl clutching should begin in earnest, as well as leaping to conclusions about those who recognize that this had a cause, was completely preventable by just not stealing, and should probably be prevented through any measure, no matter how draconian- because being burned alive is pretty damn draconian.

Oh I’m sorry, I missed where you or any of your other cohorts were suggesting ways to prevent this from happening. You were too busy waving pom poms and high fiving each other over the corpses. But please keep the verbal diarrhea coming. It’s making your case so much better.

I addressed that, please read more carefully.

I keep looking for pom poms, but haven’t found any; you only imagine that anyone on this thread is high- fiving. As to the personal insult of verbal diarrhea, I will tend to explain a bit more for those whose verbal abilities are limited to one or two sentence insults.

I don’t see an actual suggestion there. Just a bunch of flailing and hand waving. At least you didn’t call them tacos I guess.

I have to agree. No reason to call them racist names though.

Good for the homeowner!