Think twice before calling cops on a "person of color"

Grand Rapids mulls passing a law making it illegal to call the cops on a minority if it turns out that they weren’t actually doing anything wrong.

Yes, I understand the concern that spawns this bill. But I’m not sure this is the right way to address it.


Soon they will start passing laws to make it illegal to defend yourself against minorities.

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Might as well send the police home as that’s who gives them the majority of their business. Sad but true.


I say let the voters have exactly what they want. It won’t be long before all of those voters become victims and whine that the police aren’t doing enough to help them.

I get what they are trying to do but it just came out wrong.

and as usual when you have bureaucrats and politicians in the mix they always fuck things up
, they are proposing it and having hearings on , because of a situation they went trhough where a grand rapids citizen reported a shooting which resulted in the falsely arrest of a 12 year old girl

this is their knee jerk reaction, because incidents like this are happening all over the country, blacks and minorities getting harassed for doing everyday thing like door to door campaigning, selling chocolates on the street for fundraising.

thanks to Obama racial division during his reign

way to go Obama the messiah

The new law is stopping people from calling to boys and girls in blue when an actual crime is committed , its to prevent people from calling the cops unnecessary because a bunch of blacks are doing daily things in neighbourhoods we wouldn’t think twice on if we saw a white kid do

We dont want to waste our men and women in blues time on frivolous paranoid stuff.

I don’t think it’s as rampant as a problem as you are making it out to be.

For example, just yesterday I stopped off at CVS on my way into work. I was walking through the parking lot and there was a young black man sitting on a bench in the breezeway to CVS. He looked at me and said, Ma’am, Ma’am, Ma’am. I looked at him and said I don’t have anything for you and kept on going. He yelled, I was just going to ask you for the time. Needless to say I felt pretty bad about myself. I was beating myself up the whole time I was in CVS and on my way back out I was going to look him in the eye and apologize.

Guess what. I was right. I came back out of CVS and there he is hounding people for money. When he figured out that I knew he was up to no good he played the victim. In reality, he was up to no good.

There are probably countless incidents like that out there. Somebody is up to no good or doing something they shouldn’t be and when they get called out on it they play the victim.

People need to stop being so naive. There is a reason police use racial profiling as a tool.



I’m not talking about those situation , being a nuisance should be dealt with, but Im talking about incidents where people are not being a nuisance

and I didnt say it was a rampant problem , yes I said it was happening all over the country but I didn’t say it was a problem

Being a nuisance is a problem and should be dealt with which is why I would support any type of nuisance law

That’s exactly where this will go.

“I was just knocking on doors to see who needs yard work done…” Maybe it’s true. Maybe it isn’t. That’s something for the cops to determine though. If I’m going to be forced to second-guess and know FOR SURE that someone is up to no good – at the risk of actually breaking the law if I guess wrong – I’m far less likely to call in something suspicious.

It’s going to lead to vigilante-ism. (Or total inaction at the risk of my neighbor’s home that I am concerned is getting broken into.) People (including myself) were saying that George Zimmerman should have called in his concern about Trayvon Martin and let the authorities deal with it. If there were a law like the one proposed in my town, it would force me to engage the issue far deeper than the authorities probably would want me to do, and it could end up putting me in Zimmerman’s shoes.

In fact, any non-minority person I might report could also abuse such a law by saying I did so because I mistook him for a minority.

There is far too much room for abuse here.

Defense lawyers will quickly build leverage in this law – not unlike the way that current asylum laws are abused at the border.

Right - because people are legislating via emotion instead of using facts and data.

I imagine we’ll soon see such laws about “some people” when they “do things” too.

Oh yeah? What about Jussie Smollett prime example right there. This stuff is real and happening everywhere all the time.

The thing about being Woke is the apparent need to have current anecdotal evidence that victims classes of persons remain so. But with so little real bigotry being experienced compared to the bad old days … till it’s good enough that folks have time to be offended by statues of other inanimate objects … I suppose an utterly non-critical response to ANYTHING that supports the belief is bound to emerge. Even till the point that obvious fakes still are somehow seen as evidence among the least critical.

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Hence knife crime in London is now out of control because the police stopped doing “stop and search.” Racial profiling was used and it was deemed racist. There are calls to bring it back, maybe once Sickdick Khan goes.

You should trust your gut instinct. Women get it a lot and we are usually right! :wink:

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Good initiative, poor judgement.

How can passing a law like this be legal and not discriminatory in and of itself?

If you call the police to report a crime, the person is white and it turns out there was no crime you will not be charged. Yet, if the person is black under exactly the same circumstances you will be charged.

Or what would the outcry be if calling the police on a white person resulted in a charge but only if you are a minority?

Remember, the Left often operates on the view that minority criminals aren’t really criminals but acting out on the basis of some mythical imbalance of power between the races. Reporting minorities then becomes an aspect of that power against them. Same with Muslims who on account of one made up word, islamophobia, have managed to become a victim group despite 14 centuries of naked aggression on the part of Muslims.

Once you’ve stuck your head up your ass the way the Left has over race sooner than later you’ll start to like the smell of your ideological brain farts.

WTF !!! If someone unfamiliar to you is walking around your house , you should call the police . It’s their job to investigate and determine if a crime has been committed or not . It wont be long before you cant question a person of color even while they are in the middle of a crime . What the f**k happened to " if you see something , say something " ???

How they operate, what their backward thinking is about versus what is legal are two different things.

BTW, wasn’t something like this on the BLM “list of demands” a few years back?

I swear, calling them “progressive” is a complete mischaracterization.

I think I am going to start calling them the “regressives” or perhaps the pro-regressives.

They (the Left for which nothing remains of the old extreme Left that’s extreme to them anymore) are what the Cultural Marxist shat out.