There is no democratic socialism

QUOTE: “There is no democratic socialism. That’s a head fake. There is no democratic socialism, by definition”

"…Bernie Sanders, a socialist ripping authoritarians? It seems contradictory. Because in socialism, the leaders are the authoritarians, and they tell you what you can and can’t do, and they tell you what you can and can’t eat and they tell you where you can and can’t go, and they tell you all of these things.

But they’re not rooted in morality. They’re rooted in power and control. Bernie Sanders, if he ever were elected president in a genuine socialist country, he would be every bit the authoritarian that Hugo Chavez was, by definition! Otherwise he will not be a socialist. There is no democratic socialism. That’s a head fake. There is no democratic socialism, by definition.

Now, we sometimes refer to Western European nations as democratic socialist ’cause we don’t have the guts to just call ’em socialists, which is what they are. “Democratic socialists. They’ve elected it, and they’ve agreed to live under it.” They may have elected it, but that’s the end of their choice…"

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There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism and more then there is a Democratic Nazism or Democratic Communism. Its all word games and bullshit. Sanders and the Democrats are pure liars.


The Democrats have certainly have been going astray from their original founding values, especially since the 1960s. I agree, authoritarian is authoritarian- it doesn’t matter if you put “Democratic” in front of it. Big government is bad, no matter the flavor of it.


I agree totally. Thank you.

JFK and Harry Truman would be aghast at the fire that party is playing with today.

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I have always been against Big Government. Nothing gets me pisst off when there are people who rather have the government dictate how everyone should live, speak, and/or whatever. But when it comes to those same people, they act like it’s “no big deal”. As if they don’t care whether their government dictates them. Or the fact, they don’t like being dictated by their own government. Only to those people they despise.

As for example:

They don’t like what Trump is doing. Opposing big government. But at the same time, these are the same people who still believe that Trump is dictating them how to live, speak and whatever. Lol

Talk about being a dumbass! Lol

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You say that as though it’s necessarily bad. Why should a college student in 2020 be necessarily tethered to all the values of the colonial period and early US period???

Do you think republicans haven’t moved from their positions of the 1850’s at all?

You do not describe social democracy with that. But everybody wants big government when it suits their interests and oppose it when it doesn’t.

If people who run as socialists get elected democratically in an open election then there is such a thing as democratic socialism.

I’m not advocating for such a thing simply pointing out the context.

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The new socialists say it’s different this time. They have a new name and everything: “Democratic Socialism.”

Don’t buy it: It’s still based on the same old, failed redistributionist tenets as the old kind — the kind that gave rise to devastating failure in my family homeland.

Well, we certainly appreciate the intellectual honesty…:sunglasses:

No, not everyone wants Big government. No one wants to have the government dictate how you should speak - that is call “censorship”. No one wants to be told their guns should be taken away - violation of the Second Amendment. No one wants the government to tell women what they should do with their bodies.

But yet…

True, but I didn’t say they did. But do you want the government to tell a woman what she can or can’t do with their bodies, or do you want the government telling you who you can marry.

Some do…:man_shrugging:

I just want the government to leave us all alone. I am sure we intelligent people can take care of ourselves. JMO


I won’t disagree with that, but just to make clear once again, socialized democracy is about access, it’s about the general welfare of the citizenry, it’s about taxing the collective to provide education, health and human services, disaster relief and national security. It’s not about telling you what to do beyond what was attributed to it in the constitution.

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It’s not about telling women what they can do with their body, it’s about telling women what they can’t do with someone else’s body.


More funny from you. It’s inside her body, attached to her. And try as you may, you’ll never change that, no matter how successful you are at creating laws and bigger government. Women have always had abortions and always will. Prohibition didn’t work out either, it created a lot of crime, but it didn’t stop people from drinking.

People have always raped and murdered and committed theft too. By your logic we should do away with laws against those too since the laws don’t stop the crimes.

Man, you post the stupidest most ignorant crap I’ve ever seen.


Rush Limbaugh is correct as usual. There is no such thing as Democratic socialism. What sort of fool would believe in such a thing.

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You are correct. The body inside the woman is not part of the woman’s body like a foot or an arm. That’s why the stupid political saying, my body my choice, doesn’t even make sense

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