There Is Money In Population

That would be a negative…

And now you’re just being silly…:roll_eyes:

As are you. Time dating anything in the distant past is impossible.

Well you just keep on believing in your religious dogma…

As you continue to espouse your religious dogma.

I have none, and have made that quite clear.

" Religion " refers to a set of core beliefs upon which people base their lives, usually involving a deep personal commitment, dedication, devotion, even variant degrees of worship , emotionally and mentally, of something or someone, which may or may not be a deity, or even God the Holy Trinity.

Science has since shown that other races preceded them most likely from Northern Europe.

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Exactly, Religion does not require belief in a deity.

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So Mr Potatohead is an example of cultural appropriation? :wink:


And what’s your point? There’s religion that doesn’t require a belief in diety…

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SCOTUS had decided Atheism fits the definition of religion.

Well there you have it. SCOTUS decided Roe v Wade…too

Fun fact a very rich Mormon taught us that in the hope of proving his religion correct

So native Americans are immigrants???

Well that’s really cool, guess I missed that one. :rofl:

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Well, if science on the matter is accurate at all, everyone that walked out of Africa was I suppose, but then that is framed in terms of migration, much like animals do.

But to my specific point on North America, if you’re not a Native American (indigenous people by definition) than you immigrated here, or your parents/grandparents/great grandparents did.

SCOTUS decided Dred Scott too. What is your point?

Which includes all people groups here now and in the past. We are all from someplace else was the point.
BTW, how many centuries must one have ancestors in one place to be considered ‘native’ according to you?

Simply that not all scotus rulings are considered good…:man_shrugging:

Are you claiming to be a Native American?