There Is Money In Population

When I was eleven years of age I was on the steamship Aleutian heading for Alaska, and on that ship I witnessed a certain man, he was rather large with blonde hair and he wore a suit. This man was speaking to some other people and he said something to them, although I was just eleven, I will never forget what he said: “If you want to make money in Alaska, you have to increase the population.” Well, no real Alaskan wants to increase the population, but those who go to Alaska for the express purpose to make money would very well want to increase the population. And in fact, the whole of America is under this horrible idea. There are those in America who have worked tirelessly to increase the American population, for the express purpose to make more money. This is evil, especially when they have aloud every degenerate person into America. What do we want to be, like China, with a billion people! "Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his guarter. "
“Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and tomorrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant.” Isaiah 56: 11 and 12. What fools! They shall be rich for a twinkling of an eye, but spend the rest of eternity in abject poverty! And that Emma Lazarus who wrote that grotesque poem: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” What a calling for every degenerate this world has to offer, and believe me they have come by the millions! You think she wrote this poem because she felt sorry for the “huddled masses”, no, it was because she wanted to make money!

The same people have also labored to make abortion of demand unassailable.

Rather than seeing a national interest in the population being sustained through the posterity of its own citizens they place emphasis on whatever enables sex without consequences.

But then needing people to replace those murdered they want to throw open the borders.

There is a direct relationship between abortion of demand and open borders.

Conversely, if ours wasn’t a nation of government sactioned murderers we should have far less perceived need for immigration.

There’s a chicken processing plant in one of my neighborhoods. I’ve known multiple people who have gone to work there and leave in very short order. They can’t keep Americans working there as the conditions are literally horrific. “Illegals” are imported for this work.

Also, I’m on the road a tremendous amount of time and house keeping is predominately hispanics who don’t speak English, and are very often “illegal”.

Hard cases or asserting Americans won’t do some jobs? Is that the basis for your argument?

If a job is unpleasant they will either pay enough to make up for it or deal with turnover. If it’s a low skill job that involves no trust then the second is arguably doable and could be sustained, even with American labor.

And you know what? That’s okay.

Open borders is about more than who processes chicken. About more than who cheapskates employ as housekeepers. Lots of illegals aren’t Mexicans or Spanish only speakers.

Again, had we not murdered millions of Americans we wouldn’t have a market for those millions of illegal aliens. Those Americans wouldn’t necessarily have great lives but that’s compared to them having no lives and ending up in some waste bin and all their potential children never being born to boot (some those murdered early under Roe could have been grandparents by now).

Not really making any argument but just pointing out my personal experience with an industry having such difficulty with staffing. In fact, I believe that Tyson for example has been in legal jeopardy over bringing in IA’s in the past.

I don’t know that you can dogmatically make that correlation, nor can you assume that they’d be willing to work in the conditions or for the wages in places like I described earlier.

My assertion is that the reason people come to America is because the people in the country in which they have come can’t make a great civilization on their own. Great people make great civilizations, people who are not great do not make great civilizations. Basic common sense. But here is wisdom: people who come to this country will drag everything down to their level. Look at the country they came from and you will then understand what America will look like in a few years. Sad.

Unless you’re a Native American, you’re an immigrant or the descendant of, so not sure what that means.

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Crudely speaking they’d be breathing. Beyond that I assume nothing. They would be typical for a world that valued life more than our real world does.

You really are not in any better place to think that they wouldn’t do such jobs.

Now, one thing to clarify. There are women who murder (abort) their children far more frequently than others, we might call them serial aborters. If abortion were illegal in their instance they will have been unlikely in that better world that has more value on life to have birthed as many as they aborted in real life, possibly not anywhere near as many in some cases. To a lesser extent the same might be said of women who have had but a few abortions. This in because having a child, not just carrying one to term, should slow things down to maybe a hair over one a year in the extreme case (ignoring multiple births).

So X millions aborted does not mean there would be X million more citizens had none been aborted, but some mid to high percentage of that.

Bad example if you support open borders. :wink:

But you suggested that we wouldn’t need immigrants to work for us, had there not been all those abortions.

Not sure what you mean?

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Look how well open borders worked for them…

Worked for who???

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You have to remember that their original goal was to use abortion to limit the number of minorities, particularly blacks being born, not whites.

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This is a little known fact that native Americans are similar to potatoes they just sprung out of the ground


Well apparently, some 13,000 (or so) years ago, they migrated via a northwest land bridge to a continent uninhabited by humans, or so science tells us anyway…:rofl:

Archeological discoveries seem to show some people groups arrived in North America via land bridge, some by ship across the North Atlantic. Ancient African, Asian, Nordic and ■■■■■■ artifacts and engineering have been found in the Americas.
We all came from someplace else.

Yes, but those by land bridge being the first, and their presence had to displace no one to do so.

Was there a Day-Timer entry or punch clock to show which tribe arrived first?