There has been a massive explosion in Beirut

Only Israel has nuke bombs in the region, small and large.
Defending Israel is an agenda.


I don’t always administer a port, but when I do…

I leave 3 kilotons of explosives lying around.


There’s some footage of a missile flying in.
Of course Google hides it, but we can’t dismiss it out of hand as fake, since the Lebanese president is talking about an attack.

Of course! It is called blame deflection

That is complete bollocks

a) there would be a load of concern from the US/Russia/CCP if there was any trace of nuclear explosion
b) the red “mushroom-cloud” has a colour which is characteristic of ammonium nitrate … allegedly

Mushroom clouds are not unique to nuclear bombs. They occur when a sufficiently huge explosion takes place.

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Make of it whatever you want.

Something falling from the sky before the big explosion.
And it’s not just one video.

The “elite” were planning to take out 7 countries in 5 years after 911 in the 2000s. Those countries were: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

Iraq is now an ALLY of Iran. Basically. Their government and people. Yes, at enormous cost to the empire, the US has a military presence there.

Syria: Well, Assad is still there.

Libya: Libya is gone, but there is no US puppet government. What is happening in Libya now is some type of Civil War. It is impossible to figure out which side is the “good guys”.

Lebanon: Still there, and much to Israel’s chagrin, still a powerful Hezbollah as an important political power.

Somalia: Failed state.

Sudan: Who cares.

The point is, there is no doubt that this pandemic was planned. I don’t think they expected how quickly such a large part of the population would dismiss it as hyped up. I don’t think they planned on the “Plannedemic” movie to gain such traction nor expected how many doctors would speak out. The number of people who say they refuse to take a vaccine and the sheer amount of anti-virus regime normies in Germany is definetly unexpected to them. Also, Sweden’s Epidemiologist, through his personal charisma and intelligence was able to turn back the global health virus cultists. This was a major victory for the good guys in what is typically a globalist stronghold. Why Sweden was able to hold out has to do with the fac that the government had taken over the media from the liberal ■■■■■■ media owners a few years ago and much to the chagrin of the ■■■■■■ power structure decided to back the top Epidemiologist of the country instead of the ■■■■■■ Narrative. This was a huge win. The Swedes, though brainwashed and cucked, are slowly waking up to the migrant problem and were able to resist groupthink on the global level when their own government steered them in the right direction.

This plandemic was planned in part because of the close connections of Bill Gates and others to Epstein. Did they map out possible resistance? Yes. Are they trying to undermine the resistance? Yes.

But don’t think they’ve everything under control and their is no path to victory. Even Soros himself said that victory is by no means theirs and that the rise of populism has the potential to topple the whole structure.

The tide is turning, slowly, but surely. This battle is just beginning. We must resist at every turn and keep our heads no matter how bleak our personal situation or the macro environment gets. Keep pushing, keep fighting, and keep enlightening others.

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People (or should I say peoples) were battling each other because they didn’t know who the enemy was.

The enemy of America is neither Putin nor Assad. Nor some goat herders in Afghanistan.

Who benefits from the explosion (or should I say explosions) in Beirut? Who has the most to gain from destabilized Lebanon? Cui bono?

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Video Shows Missile With Probable Tactical Nuke Warhead Detonating



The enemy of humanity is becoming desperate.
Thus all the more dangerous.

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Lebanese Information Minister, Manal Abdel Sammad announced her resignation from the government on Sunday following last week’s explosion, which killed nearly 160 people and injured more than 6,000.`

Hmm…I wonder what country in the region would have engineered something like this :thinking:

Nah - couldn’t be the greatest ally. They are totally peaceful. Not belligerent at all.

Shortly after 7:30 pm Beirut time, Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced the resignation of his government following the deadly blast last week that killed more than 200 people.

Lebanon is a mess.

Great job, Israel.

Looks like Portland.


There was no nuke.

If there had been a nuke the people watching the fire in their flats (apartments) would have been fried where they stood. The death toll would have been in tens of thousands.

Want to see what happens when a small nuclear bomb goes off, look here.


Nukes come in different magnitudes — megatons and humble TNT sized.
But it takes a nuke to create a crater like that.

Or maybe a meteor strike which happened at the same as the silly explosions of nitrates and such.