The White House is a ghost town

Trump brings in the My Pillow guy rotflmao…

There is ALREADY Martial Law to Install the walking sack of bones who’s ready for his grave in a few months.

20000-30000 troops.

12 foot electrified fence.

Massive wall.

Razor Wire.

The Red Zone.

The Green Zone.

Wake the fuck up already.

And it will be PERMANENT, some Wetback Mexican Congressman squatting in America called Ritchie Torres already is introducing a Bill to PERMANENTLY make Washington DC OFF LIMITS to ALL Americans.

Welcome to the USSR, America is now a Far-Left Dictatorship no different to Cuba or Venezuela…or The Soviet Union:

Here’s the Bill:

That’s nice, anything about the topic…
Btw, it’s still the Trump administration :wink:

Donald Trump is the greatest president in the history of this world. His record proves it. Truly in awe


DONNIE TRUMPUTIN HAS the WORST RECORD for freedom in HISTORY unless you’re rich or a big corporation they benefited massively from the trumputin presidency the rest of the population was thrown bones…

We will find out how deeply trumputin was involved with putin to have support to change the USA into
a fascist state so he could remain president until he dies…facts only

They think Trump was the greatest president we’ve ever had. He’s leaving Washington with his tail between his legs, pouting like a baby because he lost, throwing a fit and refusing to go to Biden’s inauguration, impeached twice, lowest approval rating of any president, spanked, and spanked hard in a super landslide, kicked off social media, business contracts cancelled, basically just repudiated by the whole world…:man_shrugging::rofl:

51% approval rating, and right after Biden kills millions of jobs on day one expect that number to sky rocket lol

God Bless President Donald J. Trump and ALL his family - except that Shiksha Ivanka and her Left-Wing husband Jared who BOTH worked from DAY ONE to undermine America First because both are loyal to a Pagan Satanic quasi-religion and NOT God Fearing America.

Our Lord, we your humble servants ask you to Bless Donald John Trump, Melania Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Barron Trump, Tiffany Trump and all the Trump Grandchildren - except the children of Ivanka and Jared as she RENOUNCED your Son Jesus Christ and turned to the Pagan Satanic quasi-religion that REJECTS your Son Jesus Christ and therefore Ivanka and her children UNLESS they REJECT the Pagan Satanic quasi-religion are to be considered Agents of Satan on earth.

We also ask you to Bless us your humble servants and to pray for us and to pray not only for the survival of America but of the entire Western world.

Dear Lord you yourself know that this world is now in the grip of Satan and on the direction of Satan himself Satan’s Children along with the Agent’s of Satan mean great evil, great destruction and great suffering to Humankind, please Dear Lord ensure their time is SHORT and in your Divine Mercy see to it that the destruction and suffering are as limited as possible.

When Satan and Satan’s Children and the Agents of Satan on earths time is OVER, then we your humble servants, we the Children of The Light will help you to Rebuild this World, a New World where there is no more War, no more suffering, no more division, no more hate.

This world is ROTTEN and POISONED, the New World after this will be BEAUTIFUL and PURE, this Our Lord you foretold in our Book and this Our Lord we can look forward to as our reward for trusting you and keeping our Faith in you.


Jesus Christ is King. Jesus Christ is the ONE and ONLY Messiah and ONLY through Him do we reach our Salvation.


History will record Donald J. Trump as one of America’s GREATEST Presidents, a President who LOVED America and LOVED the American people, LOVED so much that he continued in office DESPITE the Agents of Satan TRASHING him and his family 24/7 and SLANDERING him and them in the most vicious ways.

Donald Trump not ONLY LOVED America and the American people he also LOVED the Western people in ALL Western Civilisation and he illustrated this by NOT starting ANY New Wars and by being Anti-Perpetual War and this is ONE of the MAIN reasons The International Globalists HATE the man.

Remember Donald J. Trump a wealthy man did NOT HAVE to run for President, he could have retired at the age of 70 and just played golf and spent time with Barron and his young Grandchildren.

Remember that Donald J. Trump was LOVED for more than 30 YEARS by everyone in Hollyweird and the MSM and NEVER called a “racist” or LITERALLY HITLER, they ALL LOVED him for 30 YEARS UNTIL he ran against Hitlery and the DemoCommies and then like vile snakes they ALL turned on him and THAT should tell everyone WHY they are as they are. THEY are the black hearted ones, THEY are the evil ones.

Within I predict ONE YEAR the MAJORITY of America will wish Donald Trump was still in The White House, once the Communist Agenda gets rolled out HALF of America is going to turn on the Democrats and it will NOT be pretty and IF people think voting means ZERO now, well then the people will only see ONE other option.

A FREE people in a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC will NOT TOLERATE a Tyrannical Government. PERIOD.

As President John F. Kennedy once said:


Our Lord please also continue to Bless President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we know like Donald J. Trump was also a flawed human being but essentially a good human being who wanted the BEST for the World. We know that the SAME Agents of Satan who have SLANDERED Donald J. Trump were responsible for the murder of John F. Kennedy because like Donald J. Trump he was AGAINST Perpetual War and wanted to Drain The Swamp of the Agents of Satan who have CONSISTENTLY acted as a Traitorous Fifth Column WITHIN.

We recognize John F. Kennedy as a Man of Peace and we continue to pray that his soul is perpetually bathed in your Light.



fake news…trumputin has a 34% approval rating by BLOOMBERG FACTS ONLY

Just goes to show you where their brains are at…This place has a really dumb gaggle
of liars…What will they be saying when donnies gone and runs to Putins russia because
the courts will be hot on his trail…donnies looking at criminal charges…not like the 5000
civil suits he’s been involved in…criminal charges have some serious endings…Not to
mention his kids…they have big problems…

My hope is Georgia jumps on donnie for trying to strong arm the sec. of state to
“find 11000+ votes” and give them to donnie and change the numbers so he wins
that is a serious felony…all this is a bit problematic because they will be jury trials
and donnie still has a lot of followers that would never find him guilty

No one cares what either one of you think.

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Only in the minds of the retrumplican. To the vast majority of us his history has been written and we’ve kicked his traitorous ass out of Washington. Good riddance to that fat ass punk who tried and failed to destroy our democratic institutions and overturn the will of the American people…

The newbie is going to try to make you feel bad by telling you that he doesn’t care what you think…:rofl::roll_eyes:

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Yea… not really . Feel how you like… both of you.

What side of the bed do both of you sleep on? Oh… yea… same side…lol.

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Well draw a circle around the moon…we agree.

And to prove it, Americans just repudiated the most abhorrent government we’ve had in a long time…:wink:

They did that 4 years ago.

All installed by the Trump administration…:man_shrugging: