The Wealth Gap/Income Gap

People keep trying to make a big deal about the financial elite aka the “1%” and the difference in income and/or wealth between them and the rest of us. When I’ve pointed out that we have the richest poor people in the world, they say that that doesn’t matter as much as the gap, that the gap is somehow more important than the fact that almost all Americans live extremely well, when compared globally.

I would like someone to please explain why an instance of one person making significantly more than another person is more distressing than whether the one making less is making enough to take care of basic needs.

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It’s more like how much money you have in your bank accounts collecting compound interests.

German researchers have a term called “Joseph’s penny.”

Suppose Joseph saved a penny for his baby Jesus, how much would that money in a bank be worth today?

Money bearing compound interest increases at first slowly. But, the rate of increase being continually accelerated, it becomes in some time so rapid, as to mock all the powers of the imagination. – One penny, put out at our Saviour’s birth to 5 per cent, compound interest, would, before this time, have increased to a greater sum, than would be contained in a hundred and fifty millions of earths, all solid gold.

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There has always been a 1% and a 99%. The 1% is usually synonymous with the state, as with the European monarchies, Geek and Roman Senates and Egyptian Pharaohs. The 99% have always labored to produce the riches the 1% enjoy, yet the 99% can never achieve these riches themselves. The 99% have always vastly outnumbered the 1% but the 99% refuse to overtake the 1% because they are led to believe the 1% offers something that is for their own good. That is the myth that is government.

The one instance the 99% were able to achieve the riches of the 1% was in the inception of the US. The limited government the US was founded upon enabled anyone to become successful. This has long passed and the experiment of the US founders has failed. The idea of government, even in a limited form, contains the seeds of it’s own destruction, due to the extent that it includes the necessary existence of a state (even a minimal one), understood as the sole agent of institutional coercion.

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It’s more like 0.00000001%.

They have what we call the mainstream media today through which they can manipulate the rest of the population. And guess who owns colleges and universities as well as medical institutions?

The role of the mainstream is not to tell you “that’s the way it is,” but to deceive and give you a false sense of reality. And pharmaceutical drugs don’t help.

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This is exactly why no one can get these interest rates anymore.

Wouldn’t want the peons getting ahead.

Certainly, the observation that “almost all Americans live extremely well, when compared globally”–with some obvious exceptions–is true enough.

But some very poor countries–from Haiti to Cambodia–drag down the average.

And unless one wishes to impose upon us some sort of world egalitarianism–another word for which is communism–it is really difficult to see the practical point of that observation.

This is pure nonsense.

The extremely wealthy make their fortunes by keeping the rest of us down. They control our governments and exist only to keep taking money out of our pockets and stuffing it into theirs.

They have forgotten that we outnumber them and we aren’t going to tolerate their brutality any longer. We are done being in servitude.

Bc the narrative of the world being a “zero-sum game” peddled by everyone around brings out the demon inside of every person, and its name is “envy”. They can’t stand having the Musks and the Gates and the Jobs and the Bezos of the world making $1 more than they do, because that would mean that there is $1 less in the world that they are entitled to but couldnt have. So instead of learning from these people (and Im emphasizing the learning, not being, because even the evilest of them all have something to teach) so that they can better their lives in small steps in the right directions, they take to the street to occupy, and even worse, to social media on their smart phones (oh yes the hypocrisy) to complain about the horrible terrible no good income gap. And then at the end of the day they go back to their home and order their Tesla weed-lmao hat on Amazon on their iPhone and check the tracking number on their Windows laptops to look fresh on their next socialist larping committee.

This post is already getting too long, but one more thing: the responsibility of this also falls on the professors in uni. (those who cant do, teach) who peddle this BS because let be honest here, without these corporations throwing them and their proteges guilt-money for these “privilege training”, their entire department wouldnt even exist except in some obscure stand-up comedy circles.

I bet you typed that slop on your $1000 iPhone with your $250 EarPods in listening to your monthly Spotify subscription. Your room is probably warm and well lit thanks to America’s energy dominance and the corporations that built the infrastructure.

Yes, down with capitalism.


You’re forgetting the part that you’re also using their “more affordable” services. You’re part of the bad guys’ empire because youre financing them. You are complicit in the “sufferings” of oversea chinese kids putting those shoes together by hands for $3 a day. Put your money where your mouth is, buy from the “little” guys or co-op stores, go off-grid, or start your own businesses. But hey, dont strive to be successful and profitable now, bc by then you’re just “one of them”. And please be a better person and dont sell out when Amazon comes knocking and offers a buy-out.

See how easy that was to shred your narrative to pieces?

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IS SUPOSED TO BE YOUR NARRATIVE now thats a silly thing to start you rant…When you
have the richest country in the world and have tens of millions that can hardly exist a hundreds of thousands living homeless under overpasses and no system to deal with any of this while corporate is determining where to build their 4th house…and who will be in poverty and who will not is some kind of word that never comes to describe or characterise what is happening…but hey it’s capitalism and you know capitalism is all good huh…

Really? When is that going to happen? No time soon. Talk is cheap… and all anyone ever does is talk. The 1% knows that.

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