The Wealth Gap/Income Gap

So you agree you lie in a political discussion to benefit whatever…
Do your believe your God agrees lying is right for you to do…
You must know what your God wants you to do about lying to
people when you know better

What lies have I told? This should be good.

Lets see do you agree with the trump presidency and what he’s done?

Yep… 100%…

Then buddy you are a liar…because you know… all trump did was lie
about everything or you lied about giving your life over to God…
both things are at 2 different ends…they both can’t be true…that’s a fact

Now we knew if you were to be a stupid fuk that would give you some
room to be just totally confused about everything…that you are not so
you live a lie one way or the other…sorry that’s it so live in your lie or
be truthful to your God…it’s all your decision…

That’s interesting. I was unaware that an opinion was a lie. Hmmmm… :thinking:

Your so called opinions aren’t really opinions and you know it…
So you think you can be true to your God and lie at the same
time huh… but gods law demands that you don’t take advantage
with lies unless your God is some sort of god that doesn’t care
if their flock lies to benefit themselves it’s not any kind of
God I never heard of…Of coarse you may have deluded yourself
in believing you have the right to lie in that case I don’t think
I’d go to your God and tell him you’re going to lie because it’s
your right

I’ve played with you long enough. Time to take your ball and go home.

I apologize to the rest of the forum for taking this thread off topic.


Ya you played because you were the one that said you turned your
life over to your God…hahahaha you are full of shit and empty words
there’s no God in you just like the god less anti christ that’s your real
messiah…try telling the truth so you don’t look like a fool as you did…

Interest rates are at zero because the cost of money is near zero.

Imagine the debt refinanced at 5% interest. 27 trillion Do the math, that’s why you won’t see high interest rates for quite some time.

That is the most common view of wealth, along with luck among the poor. People work their asses off to become wealthy- you only see the bling after they’ve made it.

Outside of truly desperate 3rd world circumstance, wealth is the product of consistent decisions that require effort and sacrifice of time. Poverty is also the product of life choices.

There are always anecdotal examples, and some are heartbreaking; most are just the product of consistent behavior- good or bad.

As to the big bad corporations, they are gigantic, powerful, and employ most of the productive people in society at one level or another.

What is ignored is the reality, it takes money to make money. In 2008/2009 the average American was selling their investments taking huge losses. They sat on the cash paralyzed until 2010-2012 then began reinvesting slowly.
The wealthy invested in 2008/09 taking advantage of the rising market.

The wealth gap increased.

People work and save in zero interest accounts, some actually invest and grow their wealth. You can work you fanny off and save and end up with some money. Investing in the market from 2016-2020 would have noted a gain between 16 and 40%. That was after the big gains after the market crash in 2008/09. Even if you held on in 2008/09 instead of selling, you would have fully recovered and increase your wealth through the large gains through 2016.

Yes it is all about making good decisions.