The War Has Started. Vax Mandate is Coming for You!

The first harbinger of things to come for the rest of us is to look at what is happening in Australia right now. Total lock down, and total control and all this because they decided to give in their guns and trust Government for everything. Sometimes you get the government you deserve unless you are ready to die for what you believe in then nothing will change! Most Americans like the sheep that they are will comply. Welcome to the new normal! Segregate society from the Vaxed and the Unvaxed!

Now back in America, where BIden just announced multiple lawsuits against various states, and has rebuilt the fence around DC after announcing that the Vaccine is going to become a federally mandated order for all states. Yikes!


The disposable White House occupant delivers remarks on his unconstitutional objective to force vaccinations for all American workers

Eyes of a mouse. Ears of an elephant. Heart of a lion, and the mindset of an insurgent .

This ain’t new. Or as we say amid my social circle: “W e done knew .”

The White House claims that 80 million Americans are unvaccinated, and we are now the enemy of the state. OK, whatever. When you get all done with the teeth gnashing part, I’m still unvaxxed. And if I’m no longer permitted to engage in a social construct that I have been studiously avoiding for the past few decades, well, meh…. a’right then, punish me by barring me from living life amid the Federal Moonbats. The federal compliance and enforcement part of the mandated worker vaccination will be fun to watch.

Here it comes…. the Jab is the priority. It has little to do with public health, and everything to do with control toward the “Build Back Better” society.

Earlier today, Jen Psaki was asked if the Biden administration was going to use regulatory agencies to push and enforce mandatory vaccinations in the workplace. Her response was a direct, “Yes, stay tuned”. CTH has been warning about this likelihood since December of 2020.

The continuum is following exactly as one would suspect. Establish the fear, then start pushing the solution. If you know the players and know the goals, then you can predict the sequence. WATCH:

Joe Bidet will use his authority to have the FBI , IRS and the military to round up the unvaxed and " resettle " them onto " re- education " camps to be vaxed . This is an attempt to isolate Anericans and divide person against person by providing bounties for turning in the unvaxed.
The puppet master behind him ( SCHMOEBAMA BIN LADEN) will " offer him a deal he can’t refuse " when he’s no longer useful. Most Americans will comply because of their fear of the government and are SHEEPLE.

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What about you? How will you personally deal with this? Will you comply? Does it matter? Are you one of those people who says “Oh well I will be dead in a few years so it doesn’t matter what happens?”

I will not comply. I have a fake vaccine card hehe

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Biden is really overstepping. OSHA is overstepping as well.

There is a good summary in this article:

If there is any good news with all of this, it is that the proposed vaccine mandate will likely be found to be unconstitutional and/or unlawful and will be stayed from taking effect pending judicial review.

The challenges will include that OSHA and the Secretary of Labor exceeded their authority; that OSHA regulations generally don’t allow for vaccine mandates; that the current conditions do not warrant the issuance of the ETS (no grave danger); and that the proposed regulations are otherwise arbitrary and capricious.


This is what happens when a country is being run by a Dictatorship, we are just like a Banana Republic now.

Joey Bidet of course is just the Puppet, a very weak one at that BUT those behind the curtain who are really running the show are very dangerous and psychopathic individuals.

And it’s NOT Obama who is running the show, neither is Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Hillary etc they ALL also just Puppets. The REAL crowd running the show remain nameless and faceless.

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He will be checked with lawsuits.

I believe this is just posturing to appease his base. His polling numbers are incredibly low. He is putting fellow democrats in a bad position for 2022.

This may also be a move to distract from his complete failure in Afghanistan.




From Seeking Alpha:

  • While the OSHA is still developing the emergency regulation, some officials say employers could face fines of nearly $14,000 per violation. The mandate also follows more than a year of upheaval, which started as months of lockdowns and new costs for hand sanitizer, face masks and plexiglass barriers. Many businesses are still struggling under safety protocols, and additional compliance costs and verification for the new mandate could hand them a new set of potentially complex requirements.

My take:
During the Seventies OSHA was weaponized as a method of control. This helpd lead to repeated recessions, stagflation, and suffocation of America’s animal spirits. On the positive side it facilitated the ascendance of Ronald Reagan the greatest president of the 20th century.
Recently we have seen the IRS, FBI, CIA, and NSA also weaponized. There was only one Ronald Reagan but are we about to see the emergence of our next great leader?

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Meanwhile our border is being flooded with Covid positive being dropped into communities carrying variants.

It appears our government only wants to target the law abiding that has something to lose by not complying.


They’ve completed 1-6 and they are now getting ready to start 7, this will be anyone not vaccinated will be removed - could be like in Fascist Australia to Quarantine Camps aka Concentration Camps and from there you can easily see how they start number 8 etc


I mean WTF?! Many have been WARNING about ALL of this for YEARS but were ignored and dismissed as Conspiracy Theorists. And STILL MILLIONS are asleep and will NOT wake up and listen about what is going to happen.

History IS going to repeat itself but it’ll be even MORE BRUTAL this time and all these Leftists who THINK they will escape it because they are Leftists, they better THINK AGAIN because they are going to have the SAME fate.


Killing people has already happened… when you look at all the blacks being slaughtered in the street every week. And whites dying of overdose… Democrats do nothing about it they increase it

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I refuse to be vacinnated.


Dopey Biden said it is so we can “PROTECT” the vaccinated from the unvaccinated WTF ?
Does that mean the vaccine is INAFFECTIVE ? Why the need to protect those that were FULLY VACCINATED ? What the hell are these boosters for then ?
How can the republican’s allow this bullshit to happen? How many more rights will we lose with the demoRATS ? What happened to the Constitution , the Bill of Rights , HAPAA ? Why the hell does OSHA have to be involved ?

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Howard Stern is a Vaccine Nazi now! Wow! What a d-bag!

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Map of states that will not be complying! We will see.

Guys be careful this topic is a fed posters paradise

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We are going to kick some FED ass soon! You will see! Fk the FEDs. Nazi scum bags!

Watch to see the non-compliant states lose Federal funding.

It would be great to see those States not fund the Fed in return.


How do i get one???