🇺🇸 THE UNREAL official presidential thread 2024 🇺🇸

Welcome to the official thread of the 2024 presidential election. We are going to kick us off with a homage to Donald J Trump sit back relax and let’s get ready for a ride.

@KVN @Patriot

Can you please do something about this poster’s blatant disregard for the rules here? Duplicate thread.

What a cry baby …………

He doesn’t realize this was my original thread, he cheated and created a duplicate, and now he’s crying to the moderators for the original rules he broke haha

I am pretty sure having fake accounts here is against the rules! Try again fat pizza man!

Your avatar is appropraite too! It reveals your true sociopath nature!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You are wasting your time brother. There are no mods on this site. Whoever they are/were are long gone.

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Occasionally they to come here to clean up the trolling done by the sociopath. They will get the notice. The best thing they could do for this site is ban this trolling moron by giving him an Drag queen avatar like they use to.

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Lol I broke no rules here. You can’t ban me for destroying you lol

I know you will admit that I had the first presidential thread of 2024, and you duplicated it… have some courage and admit it .

You definitely had the first one I saw it, I will tell the mods he duplicated the thread which is against the rules.

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Thank you , I just sent KVN a message, I told you would follow up. I appreciate it brother.

Which one of you gets out of bed first in the morning?


That depends lol

Chris Sununu was either high on morning Joe today, or just lost an election he’s trying to get in to. What a coward.

It’s getting stared baby now bring back bannon

Looking good for trump in 24

Good morning all you trump lovers! Who’s ready to take America back! Can I get an amen!!

@KVN @Patriot

Duplicate thread

Yes this is a duplicate, just like the other one you created. About twitter. You keep breaking the rules.