TRENDINGđź’Ą: The OFFICIAL 2023 1st republican debate thread

Well it’s almost here. I’m definitely watching Tucker and Trump. But the highlights I will observe live.
I know Ron is desperate to show he has charisma, but forcing it will kill his chances.

I predict Viviek will kick ass.

Anyone searching for a reference point for anything presidential. I operate the official 24 thread… tons of information here.


I’m watching Hutchison give an interview… why is he so happy? Why isn’t he talking about things he’s pissed off about…

I don’t want a republican happy. I want you pissed where America is heading…

I noticed an attempt to duplicate this thread… don’t fall for it. I’m the original

Hot news takes here ……

Looking forward to watching tucker then this debate. Thanks for providing an outlet jitss.

I think Chris Christy wins but still comes in last place… cause he’s a loooosah

Can’t wait for the debate! Thanks for the option

I wonder if this will be brought up

Look at everyone copying my trending… you ppl have no creative writing skills lol

Guys I will be posting live commentary tonight. Tune in to my podcast

Vivek is doing a great job… Ron time to bow out

Jezzzz Fox News is really pushing Nikki Healy hard …

RINOS are loving Nikki today

It’s between Vivek and Trump. Ron wouldn’t be a option for VP

He’s pissed

Who’s ready for debate number 2?

If #2 is like #1, who cares?

Well more ppl are dropping out. I think Vivek needs to be more authentic instead of sounding like he’s reading from what MAGA wants