The U.S. should suspend all immigration

The system is broken simply because of past administrations sending mixed messages to people of other countries. We have permitted millions to enter the country by illegal means and have failed to enforce our laws. We have offered amnesty yet failed to prevent others from entering illegally. The cycle has been repeating for years.

In simple terms those that come to America illegally are thieves. And we are seeing people come here through legal means that are hell-bent in changing our country to suit their needs.

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Trump has the Constitutional power to close the borders and put a halt to immigration. I expect him to use it as others have in the past… It doesn’t matter what the Democrats want. He can shut it down.


I saw on FNC this morning that the latest caravan that is being held up in southern Mexico has people from multiple African countries, India, Bangladesh, and multiple countries in the Middle East. They interviewed a few of them. The guy from India said that he wanted President Trump to let him in, give him a job, shelter, and food.

Trump can bring Congress to the table and fix immigration with two easy steps:

  • suspend all congressional travel except to/from DC for sessions
  • no breaks for Congress until immigration reformed

This. Right. Here.

Trump has the right to suspend entry of all Aliens he deems a detriment to US interests for as long and under what conditions he sees fit. We should have banned Asylum Claims at border years ago! It employs hundreds of Immigration lawyers to assist illegals and we ALL pay for it!

Unfortunately the second he did so dozens of lawsuits would be filed in “friendly courts” to shut it down immediately.

A total suspension would never be allowed to stand.

What could be allowed is ceasing any new visas being issued temporarily.

A complete shutdown isn’t even necessary, what we need to do is cut the legal immigration to a trickle on a merit only basis for a period of ten years while the illegal immigration problem is worked out.

Unfortunately absent a complete takeover of both houses by conservatives none of that is going to happen.

Immigration will be the single biggest issue of the 2020 campaigns. Democrats are intentionally pushing it to a head and I seriously doubt they are going to like how it turns out.

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Of course. We’ve gone from being the land of the Free to the land of the Freebies. All in exchange for votes and cheap labor.

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Well, we aren’t supposed to be, but then you have Sanctuary cities/states that are misappropriating taxpayer funds to do shit like this. While claiming “States rights” and other bullshit. Everyone seems to ignore that citizens are funding the legal defense of illegals which is not something that should be legal much less being done.

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Unfortunately for the left it’s fundamentally impossible to be both.

Unfortunately everyone who is arrested is entitled to a lawyer at taxpayer expense if they cant’ afford one.

See Miranda.

That isn’t what’s happening. They aren’t getting public defenders. The governor of Oregon has set up a separate defense fund specific for immigration cases. Because “Sanctuary State.” Taxpayer funded to the tune of MILLIONS.

Normally, public defenders are appointed by the court and paid for with taxpayer funds. This is a separate fund that attorneys are being paid out of. Attorneys that are being picked by the State, not appointed by the Court. Because the governor openly represents illegals and ignores her constituents. Again because “Sanctuary State.”

Then there’s also the taxpayer funded “Oregon Defense Fund” to pay for lawyers hired by the State fighting against the Feds for breaking Federal immigration laws.

That shouldn’t be legal either. And yet…

What happened to the incubation periods at quarantine stations in Ellis Island? Why does coming here illegally exempt aliens from the laws on the books that make them inadmissible until we know they are not a threat?

On Sunday, Aaron Hull, chief patrol agent of the El Paso sector, divulged to the public what we already suspected but most government officials assiduously covered up. The head of the second busiest illegal immigration corridor told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is increasingly “caring for more and more sick people, because a lot of these aliens coming in are carrying contagious health conditions, things like chicken pox, scabies, tuberculosis, lice.”

Tuberculosis. That is the disease we sought to eradicate through our laws as early as 1907 by requiring every prospective immigrant to wait at Ellis Island, away from the population, until they got the green light to enter. That is a far cry from what a CBP official told me two weeks ago – that “we have not seen any specific, unusual, or alarming public health or infectious disease threats in persons in CBP custody.”

CBP declined to comment further on Hull’s revelation upon my request.

If border agents have confirmed the arrival of illegal aliens with tuberculosis who have not been treated in hospitals, what about all those exposed to it in close quarters who did not yet exhibit symptoms and were released within hours of apprehension? Unlike in the past, where illegal immigrants waited for days in ICE facilities before either being deported or released, CBP is directly releasing thousands of aliens into the interior within hours. A bunch of illegal aliens caught in Arizona and El Paso this past month were released in Tucson.

It is simply inconceivable that this is not a priority threat to the American people. It is certainly a violation of current immigration law. The law (8. U.S.C. §1182(a)(1)(A)(i)-(ii)) states clearly that any alien “who has failed to present documentation of having received vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases, which shall include at least the following diseases: mumps, measles, rubella, polio, tetanus and diphtheria toxoids, pertussis, influenza type B and hepatitis B, and any other vaccinations against vaccine-preventable diseases” are inadmissible. Moreover, 8 U.S.C. § 1222(a) requires the government to detain them “for a sufficient time to enable the immigration officers and medical officers to subject such aliens to observation and an examination sufficient to determine whether or not they belong to inadmissible classes.”

DHS officials, including the current acting DHS secretary, have testified that these people have largely never “received immunizations.”

Why is the lack of detention space a rationale to vitiate our laws and release them anyway and not a rationale to turn them back across the river or at least hold them in tent cities right at the border until or unless they voluntarily depart?

We now know that aliens are coming with tuberculosis and that they are being released without proper quarantining and incubation. TB is highly contagious among people who live very closely to each other, precisely the conditions in which the migrants travel north. According to the CDC, “The TB bacteria are put into the air when a person with active TB disease of the lungs or throat coughs, sneezes, speaks, or sings.” It warns that “a person who is exposed to TB bacteria” should take steps not to “spread the bacteria to other people right away.”

ICE has a standard procedure of vetting for TB, but even if we assume agents are not too overwhelmed to make mistakes, thousands are being released directly by Border Patrol without ever stepping foot into an ICE facility.

As the CDC warns, “Some people develop TB disease soon (within weeks) after becoming infected, before their immune system can fight the TB bacteria. Other people may get sick years later, when their immune system becomes weak for another reason.” Remember, Guatemalans are already 83 times more likely to have tuberculosis than Americans and seven times more likely than legal immigrants, according to the CDC.

Thus, there is a reason why, over time, Texas, and particularly the border areas, have become infested with this once near-extinct disease. Breitbart Texas reported that Dr. Hector Gonzalez, the health director of Laredo, said, “TB is an ongoing issue in the state of Texas” and that “Between Texas, California, and New York, we have 50 percent of the cases of TB and the border has the most. Brownsville has the biggest number of cases.” According to Texas Health and Human Services, 61.4 percent of TB cases were associated with immigrants, and “rates are higher along the Texas-Mexico border.” In 2017, 53 percent of reported TB cases were among Hispanics, and all the border counties and major metro areas were hardest hit. This was before the major influx from Central America, which began last year.

Even if DHS had more time to screen some of these migrants, they are bringing in strains of diseases that medical professionals have not dealt with and might not be familiar with. A recent report from the bipartisan Homeland Security Advisory Council noted that “most FMUs [family units] are not detained by ICE ERO due to their lack of capacity,” so they are released very quickly by CBP. And although CBP has hired staff to treat medical concerns, the report observes how all the “infections” are “not necessarily evident” with the medical observations being done by CBP because “an expectation for clinical acumen by CBP agents and officers is highly unrealistic.”

Moreover, it’s unclear if these new strains are resistant to existing vaccines or not. We just don’t know what we don’t know when we are releasing tens of thousands from disease-prone countries without any regard for the American people. As the report stated, “Even medical personnel need to have a higher level of expertise to anticipate some of the potential infectious disease complications that can be found in this population of children.” We are now seeing that even those who were vaccinated against measles and were thought to have been immune have been infected by the new strains coming into the country.

According to Texas Health and Human Services, the rate of TB in children under five is double that of the rest of the country. It’s not surprising given that almost the entire flow of unaccompanied minors into the U.S. from Central America in 2014 was in Texas. Today, according to the Homeland Security report, “73% of the children in FMUs illegally crossing our border are tender aged, being 12 or younger.”

In June 2014, at the height of the Central American UAC crisis, which was a fraction the size of today’s influx, one CDC official sent out a warning on tuberculosis: “We might as well plan on many of the kids having TB,” states a June 26, 2014, guidance email from a CDC environmental health scientist, Alaric C. Denton, according to a Judicial Watch FOIA. “Most of these kids are not immunized, so we need to make sure all our staff are immunized.”

But here’s the rub. That was when the problem was with unaccompanied minors. They were held for a while in facilities run by Health and Human Services, where there is a protocol for screening, testing, and quarantining those with TB and other diseases. Today’s unprecedented influx of family units, on the other hand, are being immediately released unless the alien requests medical attention or a medical official or border agent happens to notice apparent symptoms of illness. Even then, they are often not quarantined but sent to our hospitals in major border cities, which further endangers Americans. A few months ago, Yuma County Sheriff Wilmot said on my podcast (minute-marker 19:55) that one alien escorted to a hospital in Imperial County, California, with tuberculosis escaped out a window.

There are other mystery viruses whose origin is unknown, but one has to wonder if illegal immigration is the culprit. Beginning in August 2014, right after the influx of Central American teens, there was an outbreak of enterovirus D68, a respiratory illness, which many experts increasingly believe to be the cause of Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), a mysterious polio-like disease that causes paralysis but starts out as what appears to be an innocuous cold. Health experts still say the cause is unknown, but it’s awfully suspicious that this disease did not appear until the latter part of 2014, right after the Central Americans started coming. 2014 is a benchmark year for those who follow immigration policy.

Over 550 Americans have contracted AMF since 2014, 90 percent of them children, according to the CDC, whereas the disease wasn’t even tracked before that. The enterovirus D68, milder compared to AMF, was barely on the radar for decades, yet from mid-August 2014 to January 15, 2015, there were 1,395 confirmed cases. It’s hard to identify a more potent variable being introduced into the equation right around that time than the influx of tens of thousands of Central Americans under the worst conditions.

The most obvious external factor endangering public health is being ignored and adamantly exonerated as any factor whatsoever in the resurgence of many diseases. Why is it that the caution of our government is always weighted toward fulfilling the desired outcome of illegal immigrants and not protecting the welfare of the American people?

Maybe we should be billing the countries dumping their citizens into the US.

Court appointed or not it still meets the requirements of the Miranda Ruling and taxpayers are getting saddled with the bill.

Of course. :roll_eyes:

That’s only if they are allowed to cross over into our country. The goal should always be to keep them from crossing over. Once here a court date is set and they most often are released to come back for their court hearing. Most never show up at court.

With the amount of drug smuggling from Mexico into the U.S. if I were in charge I would petition Congress to declare war on Mexico. JUst the noise from this would turn a lot of heads in Mexico. Maybe then the Mexican gov. would get off their lazy asses and do something to secure the border on their side.

We can’t stop hem from setting foot on US soil. The best we can hope to do is limit the numbers and keep them on the south side of the fence.

We can put effective barriers right on the border all the way from New Mexico to the Pacific but the terrain won’t allow us to for about 3/4 of the length of the Texas/Mexico border. As a result it has to be set back quite a bit.

If not for the economic costs it would almost be worth it to cede the RGV to Mexico and move the border back to a line we could actually hold and secure.

No, you don’t get a taxpayer funded lawyer for immigration, it’s a civil, not a criminal case.

Not true. If they have been arrested for illegal entry it is criminal, first offense is a misdemeanor, each subsequent offense is a felony.

The exception, not the rule, you weren’t saying, at least not clearly, that only illegals who had commited crimes were entitled to tax payer funded lawyers.


It has long been the case that immigrants have a right to counsel in immigration court, but that expense has generally been borne by the noncitizen. Because deportation is classified as a civil rather than a criminal sanction, immigrants facing removal are not afforded the constitutional protections under the Sixth Amendment that are provided to criminal defendants.