“The Twelfth Imam” (and how it pertains to why Iran wants war)

Why Iran Wants War: To bring forth The Twelfth Imam

Glenn Beck, Part 1: “The Twelfth Imam”

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Glenn Beck, Part 2: “The Twelfth Imam”

Glenn Beck, Part 3: “The Twelfth Imam”

Glenn Who?

I used to listen to some guy alot on SiriusXM by that name. He was a fervent never trumper. I tuned him off after awhile. Funny thing… the asshole disappeared.

Mark Levin was the same way… nevertrump. I’m surprised to still find him on the radio. Those two did alot of damage in 2016 with their fragile and dogmatic view of conservatism. Their judgement is bad and nothing they have said or will say can be trusted. You know…“fool me once…”

In Levin’s defense, even though he despised Trump as a man he has fought tooth and nail the unfair Treatment of Trump by the dem’s and their media mouthpieces and is resolutely behind virtually all of Trump’s policies.

Gotta give the man credit, he stands by his principles no matter who wins or loses. He’s in the fight for conservatism till he draws his last breath.

I couldn’t stand his whiny, nasaly, NY/NJ Jewish Accent when I first heard him on the radio but his arguments eventually won me over.

He’s a solid constitutional conservative through and through so he’ll always have me for a fan and reader unless and until he abandons those principles.


True, they were never-Trumpers during the primaries. Mark Levin has done a complete 180 though, so I give him credit for correcting his error. Glenn Beck recently admitted on air that he is happy with Trump now too. At least they had the balls to change, unlike George Will or Kasich who remain never-Trumper morons no matter what.

As for the video, this was recorded long ago when Beck was on Fox News on the time slot where “The Five” is now.

Its not Iran that wants war…

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Be gone demon . . .

Of course not, that’s why they’ve been building up for it for more than a decade and escalating the frequency and severity of attacks with great fervor recently.

Torpedoes, mines, and shooting at drones could never precipitate a wary could they?

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No chance of that, he’s like Herpes and Aids which last forever until they kill the host.

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Its not Iran and it wasn’ Iraq. or Libya, Or Syria.
There is only one country in ME that wants war and we ALL know who that is.


No, that would be your little friends who keep trying to wipe Israel from the map.

Israel will welcome peace anytime your terrorist friends decide to lay down their arms.

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‘12th Imam,’ Key Facet Of Islamic Prophecy, Fuels Middle East Turmoil


Of course it’s not…But the US that has been in perpetual war for decades. In fact, no country has logged more war or has a more battlefield ready military than the warmongering US. And we’ve only had a couple politicians to have voiced this through the years.

LOL! You are siding with a Neo Nazi and defending the number one terrorist state in the world.

For the love of God man, is there no filthy gutter that you won’t swim in?


We also all know who facilitates it…:man_shrugging:

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Iran tried to shoot down US Reaper drone that arrived on scene of oil tanker attacks: officials

Iran doesn’t want a war with the US, or Israel.
You always have to ask “cui bono”?

That’s just a pathetic lie

Who installed the corrupt Shah regime?
The CIA.