The Trump Administration Is Becoming Strangely Anti-Gun


Here is an interesting article that I read this morning that I wanted to share with everyone. I can’t refute the points that are made. Maybe others can.

President Trump stands to lose voters in 2020 if his administration undermines the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening. Consider the events of the last several weeks.

First, Attorney General William Barr announced the creation of a working group to consider ways to enforce the Lautenberg misdemeanor gun ban.

This 1996 ex post facto law was a major victory for gun control groups. It imposed a lifetime gun ban for a “crime” as minor as spanking your kid or spitting on your husband.

And one of the great, unintended consequences of the ban is that it disarmed many police officers — retroactively.

Now Barr can’t understand why the law we predicted would be ineffective has, in fact, been ineffective.

Secondly, additionally, at the request of the Justice Department, the Supreme Court turned down a petition to review whether suppressors are protected by the Second Amendment.

As a result of hearing damage suffered while I was in the Army, I have a shrill screeching in my ears 24 hours a day. That’s 3,600 seconds every hour, every day of my life. How ironic it is that people in the Trump administration consider this a small thing?

Also at the behest of the Trump administration, roughly 500,000 bump stock owners continue to be outlaws, while challenges to their ex post facto regulatory ban continue to drag on through the courts.

Lastly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi loaded the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization with reams of gun control — and Republicans may sign off on it.

Under section 801 and 802, everyone you’ve ever datedcould bring a secret ex parte proceeding to strip you of your guns — and of your Fourth, Fifth and 14th Amendment rights as well.

With no due process whatsoever.

Now, we are being told that some Senate Republican offices would like to negotiate with Democrats — deleting some gun control provisions but keeping others.

And all of this happens while Donald Trump, in a public love-fest with Piers Morgan, publicly muses about how he could eliminate NFA-regulated suppressors.

These, incidentally, are already registered and subject to intense government background checks.

And — oh, yes — Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is still holding up the possibility of cutting a deal with anti-gun Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) to encourage the use of gun confiscation orders in all 50 states.

I don’t think that article is correct. Trump is not the guy who would flip on a dime on a subject like that


They really are determined to Tikkun Olam the ever living hell outta everything aren’t they? The problem for them is it’s so blatantly hypocritical and transparent.

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Oh my. So Pete Buttplugg will get the 2nd amendment vote. :roll_eyes:

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Trump doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t understand them, he has stated that there are circumstances in which police should ignore due process and confiscate guns letting the courts sort it out later. THAT is a comment that no NRAer or traditional conservative would ever make. Not to mention the abuse it represents to our constitution.

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Yeah? What about bump stocks?

The way I see it, to hell with the 2A at this point. Because if those III%er morons were ever gonna do anything, it should’ve been 20 years ago. I wanna see Red Flag laws used to punish Boomer conservatives.

Even liberals knew he was bat sh$t crazy with this…:rofl:

President Donald Trump ignited the ire of gun rights advocates — including many of his supporters — Wednesday when he suggested confiscating guns without due process from people believed to be mentally ill.

When are you people going to realize that the Trump administration completely cucked the minute they failed to draw a hard line on immigration. They didn’t act quickly and allowed themselves to get completely rolled over. Expect them to cuck on gun control too.

You know what all of you are going to do about that? Nothing. You’re going to turn your guns in. Admit it.

Only if Trump personally tells them that’s what’s best. He could just like do it at a rally and they’d all bring them up and put them on the stage at his feet…

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We disagree completely on immigration but we do agree on this issue.

And it’s got the gang flaggers knickers all twisted around their necks…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

All you have to do is look at the source of their BS claims.

Trump got his ass handed to him over Temporary Protective Orders and he’s not going to make that mistake again.

Bumpstocks were just an expensive gimmick and banning them has no effect on 2nd Amendment Rights. Your AR will function quite properly without one.

Trump said something stupid about suppressors but in the end if we get a republican congress in place he’ll support the “Firearms Hearing Protection Act” and we all know it.

Trump has no core principles but he’s not stupid, he just runs off at the mouth without thinking.

Anytime he does or says something stupid that threatens our gun rights the NRA, GOA and other groups will grab him by the nuts and straighten him out again.

What about them? They are a stupid gimmick.

If not for the boomers fighting like hell we’d have no run rights left at all.

He going to throw them a bone and being the dumbs asses they are liberals will refuse it giving President Trump more ammo to use against them in the 2020 election.

Trump really does (did) want bump stocks banned, the age limit raised to 21 to buy a LR, expanded background checks, guns confiscated for those suspected of being mentally ill, without due process, red flag laws, and supported restrictions on high capacity mags and the AWB before he was president.

The mood of late is guns are BAD !! The media doesn’t miss an opportunity to exploit violence involving guns . 90% of Americans still think the media reports the “news” and they wouldn’t use these tragedies to further an agenda , WRONG !!! . There is a reason cameras no longer show morons running across a football field during a game , they know the attention encourages even more morons to get two minutes of fame .

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It’s not on a dime, he’s long been a gun control advocate.

Trump’s sudden love of the 2nd Amendment only magically appeared after he decided to run as a republican.

He won’t do anything serious before the election though unless his handlers tell him he’d have net gain in voted for doing so but that isn’t going to happen.

At least until the election is over we can probably breathe easily. After it’s over though, all bets are off whether he wins or not.

There are really only two things he cares deeply about, the first is his own ego/success as they are intertwined and the second is his legacy because he want’s to go down in history having made a significant difference of some kind as president.